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Here is my Facebook post from 27th April 2012, before I knew anything about blogging:

The rain having cleared, I had a very pleasant early evening walk to Wimbledon where I boarded a District Line tube train to Edgware Road for a meal with my friend Jessie at my most favourite restaurant. I have been a regular at The Akash in Edgware Road for 30 years now, visiting there sometimes once or twice a week. Now we don’t live or work in Central London any more I don’t go there very often, but still I never have to order a meal. They know what I want. The wall is decorated (if that’s the right word) with a framed photograph of Sam, still in his boat having just rowed the Atlantic. Majid, the manager, was as excited as the rest of us about the row.

Finished Farenheit 451. A great book which has justifiably stood the test of time – more philosophy than Sci Fi. Began Margaret Atwood’s The Handmaid’s Tale, which looks to be a worthy follow up.

Scrabble opponents from UK, Australia, Philippines, Nigeria and Japan.


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  1. Some very deep reading. Funny how those books seem more timely than ever. Have you watched the television series of “The Handmaids Tale”? We haven’t, but we want to. Heard it’s quite good.

  2. It sounds very poetic, Derrick.
    I adore Scrabble but it grew a bit over my head. I shall have to just remain good at it at the family table. Lexulous is a great site. I haven’t been there in a long time. I might have left when it became a pay site. I’m not sure.

  3. I haven’t played scrabble in years! Never heard of Lexulous until this very moment….. I used to play ‘Words with Friends’ with a few folk until my last computer gave up the ghost……. Now I’m trying to stay off the computer as much as possible except for blogging and visiting blogging pals of course. It was eating all my creative time!

  4. I have never been a FB person, so I’m glad you didn’t let this post languish over there! I used to love scrabble, haven’t played it many years though.

  5. I’m sure some of my family plays online games but we do enjoy board games like Monopoly and Trivia Pursuit. We like card games, too.
    Our family loves Scrabble and I have taught Micah, Marley and Makyah. The M & M girls know how to spell, although at ages 9 and 7 aren’t always able to get longer words. Micah is strong in math but “wings” it with spelling and sets letters out confidently. I try to gently offer guidance. ๐Ÿ˜‰
    Randy and I are Boggle players, letters go up, down and diagonally. I may “give Randy a run for the money” but he usually wins every round. When Rich joins us he can usually tie me or go above my score but we know who will always win! ๐Ÿ˜€

  6. Great to go back in time sometimes Derrick and read our first posts, my first foray into posting was on the old My Space site till Word Press came along.
    End of Summer here so your Winter is coming to a close also.
    Kind regards and best wishes.

  7. I enjoyed reading the comments above about the Scrabble playing. ๐Ÿ™‚
    I read The Handmaid’s Tale when it first came out, and it was terrifying. I’ve heard the drama is excellent, but I’m too scared to watch it.

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