Husky Models


Today, for the most part, was overcast and dull, although the sun did emerge on our way back from Calshot where Jackie drove us this afternoon. We were positively sweltering in temperatures of 10-12 Celsius.

I wandered among the parked boats and trailers beside the Tudor castle and the modern hangars. One man worked hard to pump up his trailer tyre. He was, like the vessels, reflected in the pools on the concrete.

On the shingle beside Southampton water driftwood and rubble created natural sculptures. Tyres had also been incorporated, sometimes filled with concrete and used as mooring rings. The last one featured here held

one of two memorial seats to Jon Hughes and Norman Ellis. The plaques suggest that these comparatively young gentlemen were both mourned windsurfers, leading to speculation about their deaths.

Three young girls walked along the wall to the castle moat, passing a gentleman seated with a pair of huskies. He was very happy to have his beautiful dogs model for me. Zara retained her interest for longer than Ashka.

A variety of decorative chickens are free to roam in their pen along the outside of the wall of Beaulieu Abbey. When I approached to photograph them,

two gulls that were tucking into the seed in the tray in the foreground of the first of these pictured, rapidly fled across the road past the grazing donkeys. Further over, a riverine garden is home to an intriguing cannon.

The Brockenhurst stretch of Highland Water flowed fast, although scarcely disturbing the reflections of ponies, skies, and trees. Even the banks were filled with reflective pools.

This evening we dined on barbecue sauce marinaded rack of pork spare ribs on a bed of Jackie’s sublime savoury rice radiant with the hues of sweet corn, red peppers, peas, onions, and mushrooms. I drank more of the Azinhaga.

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  1. Thank you for having the decency to include the shot of the dogs in your preview photos. Otherwise your post title would have been clickbait most cruel. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. The windsurfer memorial is certainly a good story prompt, Derrick. The dogs are beautiful. I’ve always been a fan of the husky. It looks like you and Jackie had a nice outing.

  3. I enjoyed the stroll in those sweltering northern temperatures, along the beach, among the driftwood & rubble, the human flotsam & jetsam, the gaggle of bedraggled bits & pieces.

    • We certainly do, Widders. All my life I have heard of the forest, but only when we came down here did I have any idea how marvellous a slice of social history it is. Many thanks

  4. That was a fascinating walk on the shingles where structures are spread out like objects in an art show. The inscription on the bench commemorating Jon Hughes is touching. Perhaps the departed surfers windsurf the waters still. The huskies are as pretty as they could get, and so are the ponies in the very fetching group shots. Reflections abound, and make me reflect.

  5. I wonder how many people you have interacted with over the years – perfect strangers who you have charmed into letting themselves and their dogs, children, etc. be photographed?

  6. The husky models were beautiful, Derrick, and it was nice of all the other creatures to pose for you, too. Jackie’s rice must have been delicious–it certainly did inspire you! ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. Huskies are some of the most beautiful dogs. My daughter has one and two of her big grown up puppies who are husky-mixes. These in your photo look like they might be wearing the devices she described that keep them from pulling too hard. Such a diversity of pictures!

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