I was banned from the kitchen this morning in order to allow Richard to catch up on his largely snowbound day yesterday.

Rain and a slight rise in temperature had brought about the beginnings of a thaw, so Jackie drove us into the forest on roads that were no longer icy.

They were rather more slushy;

ditches, like this one with a birch perched on its bank, were still iced over;

and snow, still lying beneath trees, streaked the moors.

Rain falling from a leaden sky made heavier the coats of drooping ponies trudging across the roads.

Ponies, snow, bracken, gorse
Ponies, snow, bracken, gorse
Pony, snow, bracken, gorse
Pony, snow, bracken, gorse

A pair of grey snowponies, hoping for cosy scarves and carrots, had not yet begun to melt.

Steak and pizza

At Bransgore we lunched at The Crown Inn, of the Vintage Inn chain. We both enjoyed our meals. Jackie’s was pizza diablo with chips; mine, also with chips, was rib eye steak with peppercorn sauce, tomato, onion rings, and green salad. Jackie drank Amstel and I drank Razor Back, still known as Ringwood’s Best.

Outside Bransgore, on our way home, we noticed a sheep trying to supplement its wool with a straw shawl, whilst neighbouring alpacas grazed.

Richard had not been idle. He had fitted most of the cupboard doors,

continuing with them and adding the hob before leaving a little later. The dishwasher door display is projected onto the floor.

This evening’s meal consisted of instant minestrone, chicken tikka, and tomatoes.

92 responses to “Snowponies”

  1. Aw, I wish the ponies had somewhere cozy to go. Luckily, we only have stray cats around here (which we are compelled by our souls to shelter, feed and sterilize). We’d be broke if we had ponies.

    • When it’s really bad they disappear into the forest. A few years ago we had almost constant rain for two years. By this time then, all their ribs were sticking out. Thanks a lot, Jodie

  2. Just thinking – it seems like lunch has been your main meal lately – are you liking that? I have often thought my body would prefer that. The working all day precludes it – but a big farmer’s lunch and then a light supper in the evening would be my choice.

  3. Kitchen’s coming along a treat, ain’t it? Loved the shots of the forest and the ponies in the snow. The steak looked pretty good – though I can’t wrap my head round a salad with one and I’d be inclined to have more than one pint of ringwood’s.. ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Nice try, attempting to make us think you are eating healthily, but that’s not a salad, it’s a garnish. ๐Ÿ™‚ The rest of it looks excellent, and, having just eaten a bowl of bran flakes, I am now craving proper food. Sigh…

  5. When I see your beautiful new kitchen I think of:
    burnt toast, overboiled cabbage, dry roast, undercooked beans, too salty stock… the list goes on and on. Ooops! I was thinking of my own kitchen… What feasts are in store in yours!! (This is an exclamation and not a question!) I can’t wait to visit!

  6. The kitchen is really taking shape now. I love the colour – and Jackie’s joy as she takes it in. Lovely snow ponies too. I imagine all our wildlife is appreciating the rise in temperature. Our birds certainly are. Come to think of it, so are our cats (who refused to leave the house on the coldest days).

  7. It seems like your kitchen renovation is being done quickly–though I’m sure it seems like it’s taking forever to you and Jackie. It looks wonderful! The photos of the ponies are beautiful, but I always feel so sorry about wild animals out in the bad weather.

  8. No hope of catching up this time, so I am just jumping back in. ๐Ÿ™‚ The ponies are always a welcome sight. Our snow here did not last very long at all.

    Your kitchen is coming along nicely! Give my best to Jackie, too.

  9. The beauty in your choice of cabinet doors as lighter in color brightens up the space, Jackie! Sunny kitchens are so nice!
    The ponies and alpacas looked warm enough, but the goats seemed a little less furry. Maybe a coat or blanket over their backs would work? Of course, goats probably would nibble on whatever you put on them. ๐Ÿ˜€
    Speaking of nibbling, your ribeye looks great! Glad the commenters were mistaken and it was tender! I’m almost finished for the night.
    Today, we “lost” an hour due to Daylight Savings Time.

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