Snow On The Eucalyptus


By the time Jackie and I returned from the forest yesterday evening, Richard had fitted


all the smooth-running drawers

Sink and draining board

and splash trims to the worktops. I had planned to photograph these before he arrived this morning, but I overslept, so I got in his way again.

Wadding under shelf

At top left of the above picture can be seen the new oak windowsill, under which wadding has been applied.

This had been the site of the old kitchen sink. Our friend decided to lower the power points now half way up the wall, and to fit new skirting board.

Other electrical work included the fitting of strip lighting. The first two of these pictures shows the wiring of the larder cupboard with Richard pressing the switch which will be operated by the opening and closing of the door. Beneath the materials in the cupboard can be seen the quartz base to the food store. The electrician holds a reel of LED lights from which he cuts a suitable length. The last of these pictures is the strip over the long worktop.

Yesterday, in describing the core cutting for the extractor fan ducting I did not give enough emphasis to the fact that both these holes were cut through solid concrete blocks en route to the new outside wall.

The first cut, through the wall above the hobs, takes us into what was the garage.

Extractor fan casing

Later, Richard made a casing for the extractor.

On the front drive, beyond Richard wielding the saw, can be seen the cold dry cotton balls that fell from the sky whilst he was thus engaged. Viewing the first picture above full size in the gallery will show that the ice in the Waterboy’s shell has only been disturbed by the running flow. I wonder how many eucalypts, like that in the third image, have gathered a coating of snow.

This evening, the management having changed, we dined at The Royal Oak, just two buildings away. The new team have only been in occupation 5 days, so it was quite quiet. A new, much more tasteful, ambience has been created. Service and food were very good. I enjoyed a rib eye steak, cooked exactly as I asked; Jackie was equally pleased with her gammon steak. She drank Amstel, and I drank Ringwood’s Forty-niner.

54 responses to “Snow On The Eucalyptus”

  1. You and Jackie must be so please with how your Kitchen is looking, Your tradesman Richard continues to impress me. I particularly like how he’s finished off covering the extractor, and the sink bench and taps look very attractive.

  2. The kitchen is starting to look really good. I was wondering why the extractor’s casing had to go all the way through the garage but I guess you can’t help how the house was constructed. It looks like a lot of extra work though and I was wondering whether you would have to maintain that casing like in the case of a chimney.

  3. You are at a crucial stage of your renovation, I can seeβ€”improvements are now visible, but not yet usable! Patience(lots of it!) is required! As for the weather…this has been a most unusual winter everywhere!

  4. Your kitchen is having a great makeover, Derek. I imagine it will look wonderful when it’s finished. There’s always so much to do, especially when you have an extractor fan and strip lighting to fit. Meanwhile, you can enjoy a few more of those delicious meals at The Royal Oak. I love your photos of the garden, too – so pretty.

  5. Glad to hear that you have a pub next door but one. I was looking at the forecast last night and started to worry about the two of you with no kitchen. Hope it is going well.

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