Gulls And Buoys


The steady rain we have been experiencing for a few days made way for sunshine by mid-morning, so Jackie drove us to Keyhaven and back.

Many of the roads, like this one leading to the harbour carpark, were waterlogged. I tested my Driver’s patience as I dallied on my way walking round the pool in order to photograph her driving through it. She created quite a splash, but looked rather less happy with the process than did a later driver and passenger.

Gulls on moored boats 1

I had been distracted by this scene of silhouetted gulls perched on moored boats with a yacht reflected in the ice-like surface of the water, with a walker on the distant spit.

Jackie parked, and I began to photograph the still, reflected, scenes of boats, gulls, and buoys. Even the birds in flight left their images on the waters beneath them.

Wishing to draw my attention to one particular precariously perched gull,

Mrs Knight gave up waiting for me to reach it, left the comfort of her car, and scattered a group of gulls basking on the mossy wall, thus providing a perfect opportunity for a shot of gulls and buoys.

Against the backcloth of Hurst castle and its lighthouse bird watchers paddled along the sea wall path. The sensible dog in the third picture

climbed the wall. I spoke to her owner, then realised that she had been the driver of the car I had photographed earlier. While we conversed, the dog went on ahead, placed her forepaws on the brickwork, dashed further along, and repeated the pose, as if to call her mistress to play. The woman seemed pleased when I told her that, with the car and her dog, she really was the star of the show.

Dogs in silhouette and waterfowl

Further on, approaching Hurst spit, we spotted a dog walker up aloft, while various waterfowl sped over the surface of the water.

Swans fed eagerly on the shore by the bridge. Had someone scattered food? we wondered.

This evening we dined on Jackie’s perfect pork paprika (recipe) with creamy mashed potato and swede, and firm runner beans. I drank McGuigan Black Label shiraz 2016

57 responses to “Gulls And Buoys”

  1. Lest some miss Derrick’s cleverness! :
    Gulls and buoys, come out to play,
    The moon doth shine as bright as day;
    Leave your supper, and leave your sleep,
    And come with your playfellows into the street.

  2. Your title is clever, if a bit of a groaner. The photos are lovely, and the trail of puddles photos (with the dog) are spectacular. I also like the swans with their reflections.

  3. Very droll.

    McGuigan Black Label shiraz 2016 on special this week at Dan Murphy’s for $6.95, might get a drop or two at that price, don’t mind a Shiraz, although prefer a Merlot. Wonder what Dan’s flogging that for………………
    floggin’ a dead ‘orse ‘ere

  4. Having grown up driving cars that cut out as soon as you splashed the distributor cap with water, I will now drive through a puddle like that a whole lot slower. Although it is a lot of fun.

  5. Oh my Derrick, I couldn’t believe it when I read the last line, as I’m sitting here at my desk enjoying your post and coincidently sipping on a glass of “McGuigan Black Label Shiraz 2016″…. !!

  6. You have definitely been blessed with an Angel who can provide you with such beautiful appetizing meals Derrick, every meal must be a pure gastronomic delight.

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