Getting The Measure Of The Kitchen


Yesterday I was asked by the suppliers of our greenhouse whether I had any photographs they might use in their next brochure. Regular readers will know the answer. This morning I e-mailed them links to four posts.

Dale, from Crestwood Showrooms, visited at midday in order to measure our kitchen floor to accommodate the new appliances. It is sad that we will need to replace the existing tiles which will no longer fit. Having made his measurements, this very friendly and personable gentleman checked his figures and photographed the existing area. He chatted for a while, explaining just how the flooring would be synchronised with the carpentry and installation processes.

To the left of Dale in the first picture above can be seen the edge of the island on which the current hobs stand. His hand is above the kitchen sink which, along with everything else on that wall, is to be replaced. What should be apparent is the distance the water source is from the cooking area. On the other side of the dining table stands a kitchen cabinet and a set of IKEA shelves which will probably be brought into service elsewhere.

After lunch we motored into the forest.

Highland cattle

On the outskirts of Brockenhurst, a group of Highland cattle often seen wandering the streets and forested areas, were now confined to a field.

Along the Rhinefield and Boldrewood Ornamental Drive the recent high winds and the rains loosening roots have replenished the stock of arboreal casualties whose limbs and trunks now join those fallen earlier, to be left mouldering in the interests of ecology.

Today was one more of showers than sunshine, which did make for fascinating skies over the moorland and, later, at Milford on Sea where gulls played on the thermals

until the setting sun kissed the waves below.

This evening we dined on juicy chicken Kiev; crunchy carrots and runner beans; and creamy mashed potato. I drank Mendoza Beefsteak Malbec 2016.

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  1. Too bad the original tiles can’t be saved. There’s so much character to the room as it is now. Warm and inviting. The pictures are perfect to show the system of Nature, always evolving.

  2. Yes, I hope you are able to save the tiles so that they can perhaps be used elsewhere in the house or for another project. It is too bad they cannot stay in place.

    Lovely photos, as always. Thank you.

  3. That’s a shame about the floor. I love the trees photos. I just saw a tree (one) yesterday like that and was contemplating taking a pic and thereby stumbled and almost fell ;). I had chicken kiev had a restaurant for our anniversary dinner this month, and I wondered why I hadn’t made it so many years!

  4. I was hoping I hadn’t missed out on too much of the new kitchen saga Derrick. ๐Ÿ™‚ Though I sadly must report that compared to my ‘original condition’ kitchen your existing one looks rather nice …… Such a shame about the tiles, I suppose they will break if you tried to lift them?

  5. Derrick–I didn’t realize somehow that your kitchen makeover was going to be quite so extensive. It’s too bad about the tiles. Your existing kitchen does have lovely windows.
    I liked “arboreal casualties.” Those trees did look like some type of fantastic creatures,
    The sea photos are beautiful.

  6. Loved your photos from the outing along Boldrewood Ornamental Drive, and how the “casualties are left mouldering in the interests of ecology”

  7. I love those drives into the forest you and Jackie take your readers on. I was saddened to read earlier there were 120 casualties among the ponies and other livestock on the roads there.

    Those are gorgeous sunset photos. Someday I may get over to our own Oregon coast again and take some pictures.

  8. Such a shame the tiles will not be remain, but I am sure it will look brilliant when finished.. So enjoyed all your photos and I hope they were happy with your choices of photos also.
    The woods are among my favourite places…
    Hope you are having a peaceful weekend Derrick.. This morning we had snow that settled now its turned to rain, At least the weathermen are getting it right these days xxx

  9. So exciting to see this project start. I bet Jackie is counting the days. Looking forward to watching the remodeling progress.I love how you plan to reuse the old shelves. Yes!

  10. I’m very happy for Jackie and think it is really exciting to have a better plan with sink being more accessible, all that Jackie creates in dinners and holiday parties, she knows what will work best! ๐ŸŽ‰๐ŸŽˆ

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