We Didn’t Chat For Long


This morning Aaron, of AP Maintenance, tackled the storm damage. He replaced the back drive barrier plants; repaired Jackie’s screen covering the five barred fence; gathered up fallen branches; and tidied up the cypress,


which now looks like this.

Sending wood-chips flying from his chain saw, our friend began by cutting up the branches stretching down to the ground.

Aaron had not brought his ladder with him. He opted to climb the tree rather than go home for it.

Anyone of a nervous disposition may prefer to look away from his exploits up aloft, as he showered me with wood shavings.

This afternoon, Jackie drove us to Lepe beach and back.

The skies there already promised a good sunset.

Photographer and dog

I was apparently not the only photographer who thought so.

So crowded was this popular beach that we almost gave up finding a spot in the packed car park, until, as we bounced over the numerous potholes to leave, another vehicle rocked its way out in front of us. Jackie was then able to stay in the warmth of the vehicle whilst I stepped out with my camera.

Many wrapped up families walked and played along the sandy shingle. At water level in the last of this group of pictures is The Watch House, with the Coastguard Cottages on the hill above.

Mother and child

A little girl, not much bigger than her younger charge, staggered over to their mother carrying the distressed infant who had fallen. Maternal solace was then administered.

Another mother instructed her daughter in the art of chucking stones in the water.

A small boy enjoyed throwing up spadefuls of sand, before trotting off to the shoreline and inspecting

the whipped cream sweeping in from the sea.

Leaving Lepe, Inchmery Lane snakes alongside the seashore where, visible through twisted branches, slug-like dunes rose from lingering pools.

We reached Tanners Lane in time for sunset.

As we departed for home, we were delighted to meet Barry and Karen who had just arrived to walk their dogs on the shingle. It was now so cold that we didn’t chat for long.

This evening we dined at Milford on Sea’s Smugglers Inn. We both enjoyed our meals. Mine was rump of lamb with minty mashed potatoes, carrots, cauliflower, and red and green cabbage; Jackie’s was spaghetti carbonara.  I drank Doom Bar and my wife drank Amstel.

56 responses to “We Didn’t Chat For Long”

  1. Late in catching up with posts due to the Christmas and New Years celebrations Derrick, see you had a fair sized storm over your way needing cleaning up.
    Great pics of the seaside mate, hard to imagine being as cold as though pics illustrate considering. yesterday here was 45 degrees, and it’s not the heat season yet, and then we see freezing weather in America. Cheers.

  2. Aaron had his task cut out before him. He is one smooth operator. Those are interesting photographs. You may made me yearn to grow back and learn to chuck stones in water.

  3. Nothing would induce me to climb a tree with a chainsaw and no sane person would let me!! Chapeau Aaron for a fine job done. The sky really was lovely and that sea, quietly seething is so perfectly captured. A good day all round for you and the trouble and strife, I think!

  4. Yes those winds did wreak havoc Derrick, good to see all being put to good, and the images at the beach.. Beautiful my friend..
    Wishing you and your wonderful family a most Happy New Year and Beyond my friend.. ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Happy New Year, Derrick. At the risk of sounding repetitious, stunning photos! As for treework, it’s a joy to watch people who know what they’re doing, doing something I can’t do nearly as well, if at all!

  6. Thanks for sharing your trip to the seaside. Made me ‘homesick’ but also brought me home, so to speak. I love the beach at any time of year.

    Good work done in the garden!

  7. This was quite an exciting adventure in the garden among tree branches. I also found the beach photographs to be captivating. Simply dreamy and breathtaking, Derrick.

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