Going For A Drink


Late in the morning, Shelly and Ron paid us a visit. After our usual enjoyable conversation we all drove to Otter Garden Centre where we brunched. As we each went our separate ways, Jackie drove me in what developed into a circular route around East Boldre. Although we experienced no more rain until it set in again after dusk, enough has fallen in recent days for the ponies not to have to go in search of water.

The seasonal pool at the junction between St Leonard’s Road and the East Boldre road is even fuller than it was a couple of days ago. As so often, shooting into the sun produced a monochrome photograph.

While its companions grazed on the bank, a chestnut drank before joining them.

A damp dappled grey caught my eye. Although on the higher level, it was tantalisingly close enough to the rippling water for me to go into contortions in an attempt to catch its reflection. I was about to abandon the project when the obliging creature

set off along the turf,

Pony drinking

and, at a lower level, dipped its neck to slake its thirst.


A cyclist, rounding the bend, bore the unfortunate stains on his back which indicated nothing more unsavoury than that he had pedalled along soggy mud-laden roads.

On the outskirts of Beaulieu we passed Beaulieu Cemetery, beside the entrance of which stands a bronzed crucifix.

Alongside this burial ground, the waterlogged verges encourage the generation of weed and reflect the trees some of which now seem to be rising from their depths.

Whilst I was photographing further such scenes outside East Boldre, a gentleman, mistaking me for a birder, informed me that there were a lot of hawfinches about. I said I hadn’t seen any. He said neither had he, because of his eyesight, but he assumed I would know what I was looking at. When the conversation turned to the quality of the sunsets we were on more secure ground.

This evening we dined on Hordle Chinese Take Away fare, with which I finished the merlot

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  1. Water, water everywhere! Once, when I was volunteering at our town’s local food pantry, I rode my bike there on a damp day. It was only when I got home that I realized I had a muddy stripe up my bike. None of the recipients said a word. Too polite! After all, what could I do at that point? Made me giggle a bit, though, when I discovered that stripe.

  2. I really like the cemetery picstures. They’re so fascinating to visit, to wonder over those who came before us.. One of my favorite stops on a trip was a country resting place and on it was a small very old church for services. It made for an interesting post.
    Also: did you once ride horses? You seem to favor them. Lovely shots.

  3. The image of the grey pony drinking from the stream is exquisite. Your encounter with the wanderer who dreamt of hawfinches beyond his field of vision was interesting.

  4. I could do with a cooling drink and splash in the puddles today, its just hit an amazingly hot 107’F here today and I think it’s getting hotter !! Inside my little home it seems to be hovering at 85’F, and that’s ok.

  5. I thoroughly enjoyed your photos, especially the dappled grey. I used to have a grey horse many years ago. She was a light grey. A grey roan I think.

  6. Beautiful watery reflections! I have heard that there are many hawfinches visiting this country at present and would love to see one! I am glad you persisted with following the dappled grey.

  7. Love the ponies, Derrick. They add such charm. And I have been birding with my brother – a REAL birder- and we all love to chat with the other birders about what we have seen (or heard) and what others have seen and heard. The camera around your neck is what put you into that conversation. A pair of binoculars would have had the same effect.

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