Sussing Possible Rentals


For much of the day, Jackie drove me and Flo around the forest, focussing on the location of a few flats she has found that might be suitable for her to rent. First on the itinerary was one over the antiques centre where Elizabeth has a cabinet.

From there we drove on to Ashurst to survey the forested area surrounding the secluded building. The low sun sent sharp shadows across the sparkling frosted terrain; and brightened reflections in the developing pools. Lichen covered broken branches lay all around.

A pony ripped its way through the bracken in which it foraged.

Once in the north of the forest, we brunched at Hockey’s Farm Shop at South Gorley. There, Flo photographed the alpacas, the donkeys, and the chickens. She was making a video with some still photographs of the New Forest.

A diminutive pony fed from a box on the side of a pen.

Sow with piglets

A contented sow shielded her three day old piglets from prying eyes. A notice warned that she might become grumpy if they were poked.


Donkeys always seem more in evidence to the north of the A31.

Godshill was our next port of call. We are unable to find the selected property, but we did tramp along muddy paths. The car’s access to the most likely location was barred by three farm horses, one of which was particularly large. As we made our way past them, the animals picked up speed and appeared to be racing us down the soggy slope on which mud mingled with equine droppings.

Farm horses waiting for tea

We thought it best to stand aside from these heavy-hoofed beasts. They swung round the bend at the bottom of the hill, coming to a halt at the farm gate. We were informed by the woman apparently in charge of their reception committee that they were assembling for their tea.

We failed to meet Becky and Ian here. After waiting in Godshill Cricket car park watching the moon rise and the sun set, we returned home to find the others there. Our problem was the lack of mobile phone signals depriving us of the ability to communicate on the move, on which we have all become so dependent.

This evening we all grazed on cold meats, cheeses, and salads Jackie laid out on the kitchen table.

34 responses to “Sussing Possible Rentals”

  1. Such lovely photos, Derrick, especially those forest photos. I hope the horses enjoyed their tea–I’m sure you enjoyed your grazing. πŸ™‚
    We have become dependent on our devices, but they are useful!

  2. Those are very beckoning images of the woods. You quite put me into the scene with those photographs laced with sparkling, intermittent commentary. Hope Flo finds a great property soon. The closing line had me in splits.

  3. I loved how the lighting made such a difference in your photos. The donkeys along a trail with the shining light on trees and shimmering misty look, all make for poetic words and lingering daydreams, Derrick.

  4. Wonderful photos of all the animals. What a peaceful location to live in/near. We are all so dependent on our cell phonesβ€”it often makes me sad. But alas, I still carry it everywhere and deem it necessary.

  5. I think I might be grumpy if I or my babies were poked! I wonder why people feel the need to interfere with animals all the time and then feel aggrieved if the animals get annoyed!
    Wonderful photos of the frosty forest!

  6. Your adventures on any given day look like a lot of fun! It’s like disneyland for grown-ups πŸ˜€ Beautiful forests, piglets, ponys, chickens, alpacas and tromping up muddy lanes to meet up horses for tea! Could be the recipe for a Hollywood movie and I think Mary Poppins should be in it too! Thanks for bringing us along! Cheers, Boomdee

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