Plein Air Painting

A BT engineer spent most of the morning with us. He found a fault in the line up the street, a faulty hub and possibly a faulty TV Box. The good news is that this was all the provider’s equipment, so we will not have to pay £130 for the privilege. The engineer would put all this in his report. He thought we might be able to use BT on our laptops. We tried after he had left. We couldn’t. Neither could we access Players and Apps on our TV.

We just had time to collect our Antipodean dollars from the bank at Lymington before it was James Peacock’s turn to administer to our internet. He brought a new modem for the EE line, and activated Players and Apps through that. Everything is now working brilliantly.

BT Broadband clearly has to go. I now had a dilemma. I could ring BT and cancel their package, or we could drive to Tanner’s Lane and catch the sunset. There wasn’t time to do both.

No prizes for guessing that we caught the sunset over the beach;

honking swans flying across the backdrop of the Isle of Wight;

along the lane itself;


 donkeys employed in pruning a holly hedge;

Sunset 11

and masts of yachts in Lymington harbour.

Sunset painting

Whilst walking along the shingle at Tanner’s Lane beach I admired the plein air painting of Barry Peckham. My camera lens at deep dusk has failed to do justice to this friendly man’s accurate rendering of a painting executed in the short time available. The delicacy with which he has captured the skies, and reflections on the water is most impressive.

This evening we dined on Jackie’s pork baked in mustard and brown sugar, topped with almonds and served on sautéed mushrooms and onions; boiled potatoes, carrots, cauliflower, and runner beans. She drank Hoegaarden and I finished the Cabernet Sauvignon.

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  1. Thanks for more of your delightful captured sunsets, Derrick. We have them over the Thames here of course, but I rarely seem to be in the right place at the right time, or I only have my mobile phone camera with me,

  2. Thank God for Romantic souls… without them we are doomed. Mr Peckhams work is stunning even though you say you don’t do it justice. Impressive indeed given the brevity of the moment of the setting sun. Your own photographs are not exactly amateur either 🙂

  3. Wow – How exciting to meet up with someone who appreciates a sunset like you do! You capture it in photos and stories and Barry Peckham captures it in paintings. Very cool – both of you!

  4. That was a blessed decision you took. Thanks for the bouquet of stunning bloom of sunsets. The artist you captured seems to have spilled his heart out to the evening.

  5. I thoroughly enjoyed the choice you made to seek the sunset with Jackie! I only learned about plein air painting about two years ago, although I had seen easels set up outdoors often. I very much appreciated your showing us this beautiful painting, Derrick.
    My mouth is watering and hope one of my holiday meals will be ham with mustard a d brown sugar topping glaze. Mmm!

  6. Hi Derrick, so glad that you caught the sunset – you gave us a beautiful gift. Barry’s plein air painting is pretty awesome from colors to texture – great find! Hello to you and Jackie!

  7. I’m so happy you made the choice to look at the sunset–so that we get to share your artistic vision, and also Mr. Peckham’s. And I agree with Osyth’s comments above.

  8. I wonder if there is anything in our ancestral lives that makes sunsets so appealing. Is it because we see it as a sign that life has ended but that life will return tomorrow? Or is just because it is so spectacular in the instance.

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