The Floating Fortress


This cold and wet morning we visited Anne at Kitchen Makers in Sway to discuss the finer points of our new kitchen construction. Next, we delivered a batch of photographs to Lal Quilla in Lymington for Raj to make his selection; then I ordered some currency from the bank. Most of the rest of the day was spent on mundane administration on my part, and necessary shopping on Jackie’s

As so often, the skies cleared towards evening and a good sunset was promised. We were not disappointed as we drove down to Barton on Sea.

The lowering sun brush-strokes on Roger Cobb’s field of stubble.

We watched the changing palette of the skies above Christchurch Bay, as gentle pastel shades,

Isle of Wight at sunset

especially over the Isle of Wight,

Sea at sunset

and in the water itself,

gradually deepened,

Sunset, silhouettes 2

throwing walkers into silhouette.

A luminous glow blazed briefly from an apparent floating fortress on the horizon, fizzling out within minutes.

This evening we dined on perfect roast chicken, roast and mashed potatoes, mini Yorkshire puddings, flavoursome mushrooms, crisp carrots and firm Brussels sprouts. I finished the Minervois.

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  1. Derrick, I always enjoy your pictures but today you have transcended yourself and indeed most others … these pictures are absolutely heavenly. Spectacular. Unearthly. Beyond moving. I have to distract myself with asking what currency … you needn’t answer I’m just trying to keep my feet on the ground

  2. Hi Derrick – with limited broadband between 6am and midnight – I’ll be unable to follow your heavily pictured blog anymore! I have thoroughly enjoyed our time together! And thanks. Bruce

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