It Wouldn’t Go Away


Sitting room shadows 1

A glance at the sitting room floor this morning

Sitting room shadows 2

set me chasing shadows, there;

Kitchen table shadows

across the kitchen table

Kitchen floor shadows

and floor;

Garden rocker shadow

on the patio;

Gazebo path shadow

along the Gazebo Path;

Cryptomeria Bed shadows

beside the Cryptomeria Bed;

Chimney pot shadow

across the grass;

Side entrance shadow and steam

beside the outlet for the heating system steam;

Head Gardener's Walk shadows

along the Head Gardener’s Walk,

Brick Path shadows

and the Brick Path.

Derrick's shadow

Normally I work hard to exclude my own shadow, but it wouldn’t go away.

Late this afternoon we drove out to Mudeford, where

Isle of Wight and The Needles

the Isle of Wight and The Needles benefited from the clear light,

Beach huts

as did holiday homes and beach huts.

Beaching boat

Two gentlemen wheeled their boat onto dry land.

Rain clouds

Distant rain clouds released their precipitation,

Clouds and gull

while those over the harbour displayed silver linings.


We motored on into the forest. Sheep in a field alongside Snails Lane, Ringwood, basked in the last rays of the sun.


By the time we reached Abbotswell

Trees and clouds

dusk had arrived

Trees and clouds

bringing a pink trim


to soft mink clouds.

This evening we dined on succulent pork chops served with tasty Lincolnshire pork sausages on a bed of mushrooms, peppers, and mushrooms; cauliflower in cheese sauce; mashed potato and swede; and green beans. Jackie drank Hoegaarden and I drank more of the malbec.





63 responses to “It Wouldn’t Go Away”

  1. I never realized you were so tall. Obviously you don’t have much to do with your time. Chasing shadows indeed. For a grown man ? Ridiculous, can’t Jackie find something more useful for you to do?
    Like that shot of the Isle of White, looks like a great diesel loco thundering along.

  2. Poetic and surreal. How could the main protagonist be pushed out of the frame in the game of shadows? I liked the little parade of the sheep, and I loved the silhouetted clouds in the dusk. Carry on, Derrick!

  3. It is definitely the time of year for shadows. Beautifully done, Derrick.
    I thought the distant rain cloud shot was so cool, and I the pink trimmed and “mink cloud” shots are beautiful.

  4. Beautiful photos of the shadows that won’t go away, Derrick ๐Ÿ™‚ They remind me that where there is light, there will always be shadows. While waiting for the bus on a bright sunny day, I find relief in the shadow of the palm tree near the bus stop.

  5. I liked the beautiful shadows in yours and Jackie’s home. I enjoyed how you kept on going outside taking more shadows.
    The skies with bright neon-edged clouds were stunning, Derrick.
    This post of yours about shadows and light was just read, late on Sunday. I set up a pre-scheduled post about the reason our Thanksgiving wasn’t very happy. This included elements of light (on my post as happy) and shadows (dark, sad, depressed).

    • Thanks a lot, Lavinia. I’ve never seen a green ray effect. Thanks very much for the link, which says it is more likely to be seen in clear air. As I tend to prefer sunsets in clouds I have less chance. I’ll look out for it now

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