Will The Tackler Bring Him Down?


In anticipation of this afternoon’s televised rugby internationals, and not wishing to spend viewing time squinting through a camera viewfinder, I scanned a few colour negatives from October 1992, filmed during Sam’s Newark Under 13 rugby versus Melton.

Sam, Newark U13 rugby v Melton 10.92

A red-faced, wild-haired, Sam is at the back of the group in blue and white jerseys, his head above the ball.

Sam, Newark U13 rugby v Melton 10.92

He’s the one with the chunky legs.

Sam, Newark U13 rugby v Melton 10.92

This time he battles to hang on to the ball.

Sam, Newark U13 rugby v Melton 10.92

This lad has just received it

Sam, Newark U13 rugby v Melton 10.92

and sets off under siege.

Sam, Newark U13 rugby v Melton 10.92

Now Warren plays his customary role of battering ram as he charges into the opposition;

Sam, Newark U13 rugby v Melton 10.92

having broken through, he is lined up for a tackle. Will the tackler bring him down?

Should anyone desire a glimpse of me in my playing days

here are a couple of shots taken by Jessica. I was playing for Old Whigiftians in about 1982. More information appears in ‘Eureka’.

I watched the game between Wales and Georgia, and recorded the other two matches, because we will soon be travelling to Christchurch to attend the Golden Wedding Anniversary celebrations of Vicki and Barrie Haynes. Unfortunately I kept dozing off during the second half of the match, but woke up to witness the last bizarre quarter of an hour.

39 responses to “Will The Tackler Bring Him Down?”

  1. Whow! If I’d seen that big hairy mongrel running at me I would have stopped, bowed and handed him the ball and said “Thanks.” Anyway I never played that game. The closest we ever got was British Bulldog on the school oval with ALL two hundred boys playing.

  2. I was so so engrossed in watching Sam’s manoeuvres I was taken aback when you cut to 80s. The monochrome sets the mood perfectlyβ€”thanks for the time travel: you look fabulous!

  3. It’s wonderful that you have the photos of both you and Sam.
    I laughed at Jackie’s comment. πŸ™‚
    Also, and you dozing off during the game but waking up for the finish. That’s what my husband does all the time.

  4. I agree with the others: the photos are indeed priceless!
    Did you have much trouble with injury? Not much protection with those uniforms

  5. I see you were a forward, what spot were you in a scrum.
    I played a couple of games where I was the hooker, and wasn’t very happy, before finding my niche as Full Back, I mightn’t have been the biggest and toughest, but I had the courage needed for that spot.

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