I Hadn’t Seen Rahul


This morning Jackie drove us to the GP surgery at Milford on Sea where we were given our flu jabs. There is nothing like joining the priority group above a certain age for letting us know where we belong.

Afterwards we travelled on for a short trip in the forest.

Gates CottageGates Cottage 2


Gates Cottage, with its attractive picket fences is nicely situated

Mead End Road

on a bend in Mead End Road near Lymington.

Cattle peering through hedge

Inquisitive as always, a pair of cattle, possibly Herefords, peered through a hedge alongside the driveway to Greenslade Farm opposite the thatched cottage.


Bracken in the hedgerows wears its autumn hues.

Mead End Road continuation

We turned off into another lane,

ScaffoldingHousing development 2Housing development 3

and returned home via Hordle Lane where the new housing development

Housing Development 1

has changed forever the view from All Saints Parish Church,

Autumn leaves 2

the graveyard of which

Autumn leaves 1

is donning its autumn splendour.

This afternoon we returned to NatWest in Lymington where I collected the Australian dollars I am sending to Orlaith for her fifth birthday.

Jackie waited in the car for me at the bottom of the High Street while I wandered down photographing the seasonal displays.

St Thomas and All Saints graveyard 1St Thomas and All Saints graveyard 2St Thomas and All Saints graveyard 3

I began with the graveyard of St Thomas and All Saints church, containing some of the souls we remember this evening;

Holly berries

where holly berries proclaim the season.

Bunting Halloween

Like Pizza Express, we take the opportunity to amuse with spiders and ghouls carved from pumpkins featured on this bunting;

Pizza Express window

and scary creatures peering from their window.

Dogs Trust window

The Dogs Trust display also includes a discreet poppy.

Costa Coffee window

Inside Costa Coffee, a wandering pumpkin selects a snack from the cabinet.

English and Continental Chocolates window

English and Continental Chocolates’ cornucopia includes a number of witches of which Burley would be proud.

White Stuff Halloween display

Living up to the outlet’s name White Stuff displayed an albino pumpkin.

Save The Children shop window

The Save The Children shop favoured horror.

Lounges Coffee Shop and Rose Garden Crafts

Across the road Lounges Coffee Shop and Rose Garden Craftsstruck a lower key.

Drydock window

This crafted pumpkin is in drydock.

The Gilded Teapot window

It is probably appropriate that The Gilded Teapot’s window should show falling leaves.

Rahul in High Street 1

In common with a number of our towns and villages, Lymington remembers those souls who never came back from Flanders, by fixing a poppy to each lamp post.

Rahul in High Street 2

It wasn’t until I cropped and enlarged the two images that I realised that I had photographed Rahul, one of the delightful Lal Quilla waiters. He is on the left, speaking on his mobile phone. On his way back down the hill a little later he stopped for a chat, neither of us being aware that I had immortalised him. I will make some prints for our next visit to the restaurant.

This evening we dined on Jackie’s spicy chilli con carne with wild rice and peas. I drank more of the Fronton.




57 responses to “I Hadn’t Seen Rahul”

  1. Beautiful scenery with the cottage and forest. Seems like a nice, relaxing drive. I like the poppies on the posts. Your photos always capture so much of daily life that we often miss. Thanks, Derrick!

  2. I did so enjoy this ramble with you, Derrick. I always have a difficult time trying to decide which photo I like best in your post, but I do like that lane. ๐Ÿ™‚
    I like how you chronicled the Halloween sights. We’ve had one group of “Trick-or-treaters” come by so far.

  3. Most magical photos…all that I imagined for an Autumn English countryside, complete with spooky graveyard behind the church. Thank you for the lovely tour..my tiny mid-afternoon break in a tough work day.

  4. Those are lovely twists ans turns of the road in the forest. The shopfronts are full of fun and frolic, I like the one with falling leaves. I am touched by the poppies stuck on the pole too. Is Rahul a Vampire? (His infamous namesake out here is certainly one of them).

  5. When you turned off into another lane you fooled me, I though that was a waterfall.
    Is the haloween a relatively new thing for celebration in England?
    I’d never heard of it when I was growing up. Perhaps it was suspended for the war years, as was Guy Fawlkes bonfire night. Although that resumed in 1945. .

  6. Another nice pumpkin but I’m so glad it’s over for another year though the streets are littered with reminders. I stepped on a giant spider and tripped over ‘cobwebs’ that clings to your shoes.

  7. Love the shop windows, Derrick – and the variety of pumpkins is impressive. Just shows what can be seen if we take time to notice (and capture). The poppies on lamp posts is new to me though. I clearly visit the wrong towns ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. You don’t miss any details, do you, Derrick?
    Really nice to be virtually sharing the walk with you ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. I was just at a cemetery yesterday where I located quite a few Civil War and Spanish-American War gravestones. My pictures look a lot like yours here.
    If you happen to know anyone who is crafted in thatching – tell him to pass it on! As a kid, I recall a restoration project going on here call ‘The Plantation’ and thatchers had to be brought from Ireland because no one in the U.S. knew how! The art must be even more scarce now – am i right?

  10. Such fun to go out and about again with you folks. That country rad photo with arching branches if fabulous. You find and snap such great shots. Also like the black and white images–I am inspired to try new things with photography.

  11. Quaint shops, I love chocolates. I appreciate the photos of the thatched roof cottage, the window shopping photos and the beauty in Autumn splendour. Thanks, Derrick!

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