Catching Up On ‘A Knight’s Tale’

Today, another warm, overcast, and dull one, I made considerable headway on ‘A Knight’s Tale’, which had somewhat staggered to a halt.

In doing so, I plundered text and illustrations from postsΒ ‘Wimbledon College As I Knew It’; ‘Did You Mean The Off Break?’; ‘Latin Gave Me Up’; ‘Get Two’; and ‘No-one Forgets A Good Teacher’.

This evening we dined on a second sitting of Hordle Chinese Take Away fare with which I drank Chateau de Malle red Graves 2013. Jackie had drunk her Hoegaarden on the new arbour bench a little earlier.

Now is perhaps the time to mention chopsticks. The Culinary Queen finds it quite a painful experience to watch my prowess with these implements. She thinks I am a bit slow. I think I am rather skilled. She beat me to laying the table today, so I didn’t get any.

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  1. I had forgotten for a minute your Knight’s Tale, and thought you were going to discuss Chaucer. I just went back to read about your Latin scholarship, or lack thereof. I never took Latin, but my daughters enjoyed it. I’m sure it was taught much differently in their school, and the Latin club was very popular. Their former teacher stays in touch with them (and most of her students), and we are friends, too.
    I like chopsticks, but my husband always uses a fork.

  2. I have begun reading the posts you have linked β€”spoils for choices, I landed upon β€˜Latin Gave Me Up’ first. I was blown away by the opening sentence of the piece. I can deeply relate to your skirmishes with Latin. We have something similar here in Sanskrit, although that was imposed upon me by my father rather than the system. ( )

    Hindu scriptures believe in many lives. However, I am sure I will never get around to using those culinary weapons called chopsticks in any of my iterations on the planet.

  3. You would think that writing a book about one’s own life and family would be a relatively simple matter, as the information is all there, no characters to create or plot to develop. But oh how easy it is to fall into the rabbit hole of memories and find yourself reluctant to leave. I’m happy you’re making progress, Derrick. I think I can safely speak for all of your readers when I say we’re all very much looking forward to reading “A Knight’s Tale”.

  4. Alas, I am too ham-fisted for chopsticks. My husband, on the other hand, handles them like a pro. So it’s a fork for me and chopsticks for him.

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