The Latest Project


This morning Aaron removed another shrub superfluous to requirements in order to make room for a larger than planned base for the West Bed bench. Jackie and I drove off to B & Q at Christchurch for six more bags of sand.

Aaron laying bench base 1Aaron laying bench base 2Aaron laying bench base 3Aaron laying bench base 4

Aaron spent the rest of his time laying the base.

Aaron on bench

When he had finished he sat on the bench and surveyed the scene. As usual, I made him a set of A4 prints.

Phantom Path viewEucalyptus fro West Bed bench

These are the views AP Maintenance’s finest could contemplate.

Fuchsia 5
Fuchsia 6Fuchsia 3Fuchsia 7Fuchsia 8

I enjoyed a fuchsia foray.

Fuchsia 2

Delta’s Sarah defied the neighbouring geraniums to steal the limelight.

Ginger lily

Red berries are forming on the ginger lilies;


a blue clematis drapes itself over the Phantom Path arch;

Rose Festive Jewel

and roses such as Festive Jewel enliven the Rose Garden.

Jackie on West Bed bench

This evening we enjoyed a drink on the latest project.

Phantom Path from West Bed benchEucalyptus from West Bed bench

Jackie had been rather dismayed that I should have photographed Aaron’s view of the Phantom Path before she had had a chance to remove the wheelbarrow and wash down the dry cement. It therefore seemed only fair that I should show what we were looking at then.


Beyond the chimney pot in the second picture, these diascias decorate a hanging basket.

Garden view from Stable Door

This is our current view from beside the greenhouse.

This evening we dined on Jackie’s special special fried rice, chicken sag, prawn jalfrezi, and roast duck breasts. I drank Concha y Toro Cassilero di Diablo 2016.


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  1. Lovely photos again of your lovely garden, Derrick. Your Aaron is obviously a glory to have too. I’m getting desperate for a gardener who is reliable, works hard, and charges less than £20 an hour! I think I’m being too pernickety, or too mean perhaps!?

  2. It’s good that there is an owl to perch near Jackie on her new bench-with-a-view. I always like to see the signs of garden maintenance going on when they sneak into your photos Derrick – after all, the garden requires a great deal of work to stay at this level of beauty!

  3. That new base is a veritable studio! Until you pointed it out, the wheelbarrow had fused itself with the vegetation. I trust it deserves a portrait of its own.

  4. I rather feel that Aaron has some lessons for the wider world in his attitude – graft hard, give more than you take and smile. To me he has a gentle and contented face with a smidge of mischief. I am glad that you have his help and I am glad that he has you and Jackie to work with.

  5. Lovely new project, and I can see that both Aaron and Jackie enjoyed contemplating the view. Jackie looks quite content.
    I enjoyed reading all the comments above, too. 🙂

  6. Derrick this was indeed a wonderful project completed and by the look of happiness on Jackie’s face, she is extremely pleased too.. Or could that be the effects of the Beer?? LOL.. Wonderful job done by Aaron who also looked very happy with his handy work.. <3 🙂

  7. Aaron does beautiful work. Your gardens still look so lovely, and I love the Festive Jewel rose and Jackie in pink in the photo below it. That is a beautiful color on her.

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