Britain’s Most Expensive Beach Hut


The wind kept up this morning, but the rain did not return until this afternoon. The light changed by the minute.

Trellis and flowers

As the sunshine came and went, I had to be patient to take this photograph of the front garden trellis which held solanum, roses, rose hips, petunias, lobelia, nasturtiums, and cotoneaster. Only the clematis and honeysuckle have faded from sight.

Bench and dogs

We took a trip to Highcliffe beach. A pair of dogs romped along the clifftop,

Caution Falling Cliffs

where the sign warning of crumbling cliffs will probably need to be moved further inland.

Rainbow 1

When checking on the parking fees, Jackie was greeted by a fairly faint rainbow.

Feeding gulls 1Feeding gulls 2

A building worker shared his breakfast with the grateful gulls, and

Feeding gulls with rainbow 1

the rainbow shifted in his direction.

Pool rippling

Pools rippled in the car park, against which

Seascape with Isle of Wight and Needles

the Isle of Wight and The Needles were virtually misted from sight.

Watching the sea

One young man stood and watched the

Seascape 1

choppy seas

Clouds and sea 1Cloudscape 2

and cloudy skies.

Walkers and dogs 1

I only needed to turn my head inland to look down on walkers bathed in woodland sunshine;

Coastline 1

and twist again for a view of the light on the coastline to my left

Coastline, dog, carrying surfboard

and the sight of a dog that probably didn’t belong to the surfboard carrier.

Shrubs on clifftop

Leaving the scrub behind me,

Steps down to beachSteps down to beach 2

Down steps

Walkers in silhouette, shore

and slopes I descended

Sea shoreWalkers in silhouette, shore

to the shore.

Jogger and dog walker 1Jogger and dog walker 2

On the way down I watched a jogger and dog-walker pass each other.

Walkers, dog, shore

The woman with the dog went on to cross paths with a couple on a lower level,

Jogger, walkers, Ligeguard hut

and a young lady gradually overhauled another pair, as they passed the Lifeguards’ hut.

Seascape and breakwaterSpray on breakwater 2

Waves sprayed the breakwaters, and, unhindered,

Seascape 2Seascape 2aSeascape 3Seascape 4Seascape 5Seascape 6Seascape 7

rolled onto the shingle, now at my feet.

Christchurch Bay, Mudeford Sandbank, Hengistbury Head

Across to my right was a clear view of Mudeford Spit and Sandbank leading to Hengistbury Head. The beach huts visible in this photograph cost as much as £275,000. That’s right. £275,000.

According to this one went on the market in July this year for £280,000. The article informs us that:

‘For £280,000 you could buy a four-bedroom detached house in Huddersfield or two three-bed cottages with an acre of land in the village of Maerdy, South Wales.

The sandbank can only be accessed by a 20 minute walk, a ride on a novelty land train or by ferry but its isolated position is what gives it its exclusivity and value.

Beach hut owners have to share communal bathroom facilities and can only sleep in the huts between March and October, but can visit any time of year.

Britain’s most expensive beach hut goes on sale for a mere £280,000
Worth a quarter of a million? BNPS

Hut 78 is in a handy location close to the ferry jetty and the communal facilities.

It looks out Christchurch Harbour where the new owners will be able to enjoy stunning sunsets.

The timber home measures 16ft 7in by 10ft 2in and comfortably sleeps four, with a double bed in a mezzanine level.

Solar panels on the roof power the fridge and lights, the cooker runs on bottled gas and there is a water tank that feeds into the kitchen sink.’


As I climbed back up to the car park, another couple of walkers greeted me and continued along their path.

I rejoined Jackie who drove us on to Barton on Sea. From there we were called back home in a hurry. We had been told by our mortgage lender to expect a call this morning from a surveyor coming to value the house. His call would be to arrange a viewing. He did call me. He was outside our house. He had been given a time to be there. We hadn’t.

I guided the gentleman round the house and garden. We then returned to New Milton for some shopping and banking, and brunched at Wendy’s excellent café. Then the rain came.

For dinner this evening Jackie produced a tasty fish pie, mashed potato, carrot and swede mash, and sautéed leeks, peppers, and green beans. She drank Hoegaarden and I drank more of the Fleurie.

58 responses to “Britain’s Most Expensive Beach Hut”

  1. Say whaaaaat? Why would someone pay that amount for a beach hut?! Er, no thanks! Anyway, London has been very wet today too, Derrick. Thankfully Max and I were indoors when it really started to come down. Hope you and Jackie are well.

  2. Similar boxes on Melbourne Beachfront sold last year for $285,000. (close to 180.000 pounds)
    I love the bleak grey shots. It is quite overcast here today and I may just go for a drive and shoot a little atmosphere.Encouraged by your efforts.

  3. My family used to own a beach hut of similar size and appearance – but not at all kitted out like a luxury tiny home. It was I believe purchased for the princely sum of ten quid………. I often wonder what they go for now. I love the photo where you have captured the rays of light streaming down like a spotlight onto the water – now if my painting could approximate that I should be most happy!!

  4. I love the changing light and the variety of color and black and white photos here, Derrick. I feel like I’ve gone on quite a journey while looking at them.
    The price of that beach house is ridiculous–but I guess if people are willing to pay it, then sellers will keep asking.

  5. I was shocked at the cost of this hut, Derrick! Wow, so glad you shared this since I was curious about the cost. I like how self sufficient it is using solar power, too. ☀
    I guess it may surprise how small my parents’ two bedroom cottage (it has a fireplace) is and it still went for a great price due to it being located on a double lot on Lake Erie. 🌅
    We placed the money in her account which does help pay for her safe, secure memory care building. It was something we thought about carefully. . .
    The black and white photos were beautiful. I liked how you told us it was in color on one area while the other was gloomy and gray. The Isle of Wight hidden almost due to fog and hazy vision.

  6. Waiting for magical light on a brooding day is not without rewards. Stepping out with your camera in the rains is an act of courage, but then again, the proof of the pudding is in the shooting. Now I am not a Bolshevik or something, but there is something wrong about capitalism that manifests in beach houses.

  7. Beautiful ocean waves, rainbows, seagulls, rainbows and dog walking views.. And no hut is every worth that amount of money Derrick.. One Major Storm and its driftwood..

    Wishing you well Derrick. take care and enjoy the rest of your week
    Sue 🙂

  8. I have questions but must get going on my stair painting project (risers, only) before the steps get sanded, finished and a carpet runner installed. But I can’t believe the prices of those huts.

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