Compassion Recovered


Arch blown down

Apart from the collapse of the Compassion rose arch, the recent storms have treated us with respect.

Clematis and Solanum on dead tree

The clematis and solanum have remained attached to the dead tree.

Crocosmia 1Crocosmia 2

Orange crocosmia still stands at the potting shed entrance to the Rose Garden,

Crocosmias orange and yellow

while yellow and orange thrive harmoniously in the Dragon Bed.

Clematis Duchess of Albany

Clematis Duchess of Albany drapes herself over the arbour in the Rose Garden

Rose Penny Lane

Where Penny Lane parades her maturity;

For Your Eyes Only

and others such as For Your Eyes Only

Festive Jewel

and Festive Jewel are reliving their youth.

Fuchsia Delta's Sarah

Fuchsia Delta’s Sarah spreads along the side of the triangular bed now beside the greenhouse.

Japanese anemones and maple

Light pink Japanese anemones reach the lower branches of the red maple;

Japanese anemones pink

darker pink ones are quite prolific,

Japanese anemones

while white ones enliven the

West Bed

West Bed with its New Zealand hebe, its leicesteria,


and its dahlias.

Fuchsia Mrs Popple

Close by we have fuchsia Mrs Popple.

Clematis and geranium

One clematis climbing the gazebo blends well with geraniums in a hanging basket;

Lobelias and begonia in hanging basket

another basket contains deep blue lobelia and an orange begonia.

Petunias and lobelia

Purple petunias and more lobelias populate the Back Drive barrier tubs.


The gaura in the Weeping Birch Bed is thriving.

View across Kitchen Bed 2

The views across the Kitchen Bed;

Garden view from beside Weeping birch

from beside the weeping birch,

Dragon Bed and Shady Path

and along the Shady Bed from the Dragon Bed corner remain colourful.

Bee on geranium palmatum

Bees, like this one in a geranium palmatum continue working hard;

Fly on gladiolus Priscilla

flies, such as this one crawling over Priscilla, are in abundance.

Rudbeckia in Margery's Bed

Yellow rudbeckia are at their best. Here are some in Margery’s Bed.

Aaron fixing arch 1Aaron fixing arch 2Aaron fixing arch 3

This morning was spent generally tidying up, one of Aaron’s tasks being to refurbish the fallen arch.

Aaron replacing Compassion rose

He then,

Jackie and Aaron replacing Compassion rose 1Jackie and Aaron replacing Compassion rose 2

assisted by Jackie,

Arch repaired

recovered the Compassion rose and tied it back in place.

This afternoon we visited Willows garden at Pilley. On the grounds that we couldn’t stand the competition, I will report on that tomorrow.

This evening we dined on fish pie, ratatouille, carrots and broccoli, with which we both drank Bergerac blanc sec 2016.


39 responses to “Compassion Recovered”

  1. Glad that Compassion still abides in the Derrick/Jackie household! The flowers are as gorgeous as ever. It’s funny though how one man’s meat is another man’s poison: here in New Zealand the orange crocosmia is a rampant pest that won’t even die with lashings of ungreen, unorganic chemical warfare.

  2. I would love to have a garden like yours to read and sip iced tea, sigh. This summer, I would like to say, I did actually grow 4 zinnias, a patch of moss rose and one potted hibiscus. I have enjoyed those too. Gorgeous photos, Derrick. ๐Ÿ˜€

  3. It’s always amazing to see how beautiful your garden is, and it is more amazing every year. Loved the blue lobelia & orange begonia combo in that basket. Brilliant. I am excited to say I believe I share a flower with the two of you. Our “Black – Eyed -Susans” are also in their glory like your rudbeckia.

  4. I found myself ‘walking’ in your garden among your many variety of flowers and it was relaxing. I get the same feeling when I stand among a group of hydrangeas in our backyard. Yogis ‘ooommm’, I just ‘aaaahhh’. Thanks for letting me commingle. By the way, our hellebores were beautiful this year. The plants still look great even without the flowers.

  5. Your gardens are beautiful as always, Derrick and Jackie! My favorite photo is of the purple petunias in filtered light.

    We have an arch here just like the one that blew down on you. My solution to winter storms was to firmly plant each side of the arch in a wine barrel planter. Greenbeans are growing on it this year.

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