Seeking Camouflage


The sun has returned after several days’ absence. I wandered around the garden with a camera. These photographs reflect the current conditions in our plot.

Hibiscus 1

Hibiscuses are now in full bloom. This one is at the front;


as is this yellow climbing nasturtium sharing the garage frontage with

Hanging basket and clematis Star of India

hanging baskets such as this container of geraniums an lobelia blending with the clematis Star of India behind them.

Dahlias, lobelias, and fuchsia chequerboard

There are quite a few dahlias reaching up to meet the Chequerboard fuchsia sharing the basket suspended from the wisteria arbour with the paler blue lobelias.

Clematis Polish Spirit and buddleia

A buddleia peeps through the Gazebo arch festooned with clematis Polish Spirit;


nearby petunias hang from the eucalyptus.


Leicesteria drop earrings dangle in the West Bed

Japanese anemone

which also contains white Japanese anemones Jackie planted a couple of years ago to contrast with the ubiquitous pink ones.

Begonias and lobelia in hanging basket on dead snake bark maple

Begonias swing from the dead snake bark maple.

Gladioli Priscilla

Priscilla gladioli have survived the rains in the

Through the New Bed

New Bed.

Petunias and geranium

These petunias and geraniums stand on a brick plinth in the Weeping Birch Bed;

Petunias, geraniums, etc

opposite them a pot on the corner of the Raised Bed contains more of each with many blooms behind them.

Crocosmia etc

The crocosmia in this shot greets you as you leave the Rose Garden,

Rose Garden featuring Just Joey

this view of which is focussed on Just Joey.

Elizabeth's bed with Altissimo

Altissimo, in the centre of this shot looking into Elizabeth’s Bed, has sent out a lower than normal stem.

Palm Bed

Yellow rudbeckia takes centre stage in this section of the Palm Bed.

Comma butterfly

This bronzed Comma butterfly appears to be seeking camouflage from the dead little fir tree

Gazebo Path

in a pot on the right hand side of the Gazebo Path.

Perhaps last night’s power cut improved tonight’s evening meal. A consequence was that the lemon chicken Jackie was marinading remained in the lemon juice overnight. We enjoyed this with her special fried rice and runner beans. I finished the pinot noir. Jackie had drunk her Hoegaarden on the patio as an aperitif.




50 responses to “Seeking Camouflage”

  1. We always hear what you and Jackie had for dinner, but what the heck is the Head Gardener feeding those plants? She has out-done herself!!

  2. Hardly call it a plot, my dad had an allotment in Dagenham, now that was a plot,

    He used to grow carnations amongst other things; my brother and I would go flog them to the blokes going home from their beano at Southend, they’d stopped to top up at the Thatched House hotel/pub in Barking.

    That’s going back a few years, about 70, wonder if that pubs still going.

  3. I feel like I just had a beautiful morning walk–without leaving my kitchen. (Now, if that only burned off the calories, too.) I’m glad your power was not off for too long, and that you had the silver lining of extra-marinated chicken. Aperitif on the patio sounds lovely!

  4. Although too many sunless days can get you down it’s good you’re getting rain. We’ve been so dry here this summer. Your gardens have given me ideas for next year. Please thank the Head Gardener for me!

  5. I like the photo of the eucalyptus trees with colorful petunias. I like your comma butterfly photograph. There are such beautiful pictures here but the ones with layers of views are ones I enjoy so much, Derrick.
    Your lemon chicken with extra marinating sounds delicious, Jackie. ๐ŸŒž๐Ÿ’ซ๐Ÿ˜

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