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House from Dragon Bed

As a supplement to yesterday’s post, this is a view of the house from a corner of the Dragon Bed. The white patch to the lower right of the photo is the proposed site of the

Greenhouse sections 1Greenhouse sections 2

Β greenhouse that was delivered this morning. Everything comes flat packed today. The paint tin is a feeble protection against the expected wind from the thunderstorm that arrived later.

Jackie tending front pots 1Jackie tending front pots 2

Around the right-hand corner of this second picture, Jackie tended the pots fronting the garage door.

Spirit of Love cover

This afternoon, I finished reading Spirit of Love by Ramanlal Morarjee.

Having himself arrived in England from India at the age of 17, the author was well equipped to write this tale of a traditional Indian family’s life journey from their country of origin through experiences of adaptation from the mid-1950s through to the post millennium age. As a writer he displays the sensitivity and skills to convey the story. His sentence length and construction take us along at a good pace. He particularly displays empathy with Rakhi, his main protagonist, whose marriage to Rahul was arranged when she was 14.

I will reveal no details of the story, save to say that we are given insights into the customs and traditions of Indian village life; of the process of arranging marriages, which continued at least for the next generation in this country; of the struggles of adapting to their adopted countries, and the attitudes of the younger generation.

Mr Morarjee writes from the heart, and one has the sense that some of the more painful passages may reflect his own experiences or those of people close to him. I do not wish to convey the impression that this is a tragic book. It certainly conveys the spirit of love.

The copy I have been sent was published by Author House in 2011. (ISBN 978 1 4567 8690 8). Although the quality of the writing shines through, it could have done with a little proof reading/editing.

Sausage casserole

This evening we dined on Jackie’s sublime sausage casserole, creamy mashed potatoes, crunchy carrots, crisp cauliflower, and tender runner beans. The Culinary Queen drank Hoegaarden while I drank an excellent Calvet Fleurie 2015 given to me by Mat and Tess for my birthday.

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  1. I had noted that display of potted colour against the garage door in yesterday’s photos. The trellis is genius! I know your library is housed on the other side of that trellis which makes me wonder where Jackie parks her car in the winter…… I also forgot to mention that I loved the small photo of the large bush of white (Marguerite?) daisies in yesterdays post and that the cottage I had walked up to have a look at was painted the same colour as your house πŸ™‚

  2. The garden is lovely. The dinner looks lovelier. Spaghetti is on our menu tonight…after work and swim class…too late to switch to a sausage casserole. πŸ™‚

  3. Oh dear, a flat pack to put together, hope you have more luck at assembling flat packs than I do, but I’m sure the greenhouse will look lovely, once erected.

  4. Arranged marriages are still in vogue in India. In fact, over 80% of the marriages in the villages are still arranged. Fraternising between the two sexes may not be a taboo anymore in the cities, but increasingly relentless crimes against girls and women makes that a lethal proposition. Mr Morarjee is fortunate to have drawn your attention.

    We are all waiting for the harvests of the greenhouse.

    • Very many thanks, Uma. I thought that was still the case, but thanks for clarifying. Within the last ten years a young waiter in an Indian restaurant in London incensed Jackie because he was so intrusive, told her she was lucky to have me, and spoke of seeking a girl who would look after his parents. I hasten to add that all the others were very different and one was a fast bowler.

      • I believe his matchmaker instincts were passed down to him by his ancestors and he couldn’t resist appreciating a content, senior couple. The very role model he wanted for his wife is an extension of the same cultural thought process. But it does tend to clash with the changing times where women are increasingly becoming independent and pursuing careers of their own and consequently opting for life partners of their own choice and frequently do not fit in the role of housewives who stay back to take care of children and parents-in-law. Perhaps the young waiter was merely trying to impress Jackie as most Indian ladies of her age to prefer a son like that in India.

  5. Is that huge smile on Jackie’s face because the greenhouse has arrived or the impressive development of her overwhelming floral displays?

  6. OK – I have to ask how you got that stove shot. Is your stove on an island – so you can stand behind it to get that shot? Or did you hang your camera up there somehow?

  7. The flat boxes remind me of my friends who have IKEA furniture shipped their direction. I was happy to see all the bubbling and boiling pots and a lovely dinner. Mmmm! Sounds delicious.

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