Today Summer has returned in the form of a hot sunny day.

Bee on geranium palmatum

I’m no entomologist, so my identification of the bee-like insects flitting from bloom to bloom should be taken with a pinch of salt (which, traditionally should see off weeds). I am, however, confident that this one on a geranium palmatum is really a bee.

Hoverfly on fuchsia

This is probably a hoverfly using fuchsia Delta’s Sarah as a landing strip;

Hoverfly approaching poppy

and another approaching a pale pink poppy;

Hoverfly in antirrhinum

more likely a wasp lurking behind this white antirrhinum;

Wasps in poppies

and a couple more sampling these new poppies

Herbaceous border

towering in the herbaceous border,

Canterbury Bells

where delicate pink Canterbury bells now stand alongside the deep blue ones,

rose Ernest H. Morse

and roses like the flaming Ernest H Morse

rose Dearest 1

and the gentler Dearest are thriving.

Hole under fence

Unfortunately this herbaceous border, between the Back Drive and the back fence recently erected to keep out invaders from the North Breeze jungle, became the source of my major gardening task. An attempt has been made by an even bigger beast to eradicate Jackie’s recently planted red rambler rose. There was a label giving the name of the rose, but it’s probably been eaten by whatever dug its way under the fence, tearing at the roots and demolishing a large ornamental poppy.

Concrete blocks in wheelbarrow

We decided to be subtle about creating a barrier. To this end I transported two concrete blocks from the other end of the garden,

Red rambler and concrete barrierConcrete blocks barrier 2Concrete blocks barrier 1

extended the hole behind the rose, and popped in the concrete. The subtlety lay in leaving the hole to the left of the rose, so providing the animal with an alternative route. The stem in the foreground of the last of this series of pictures will be tied to its support.

Rose garden

Here is a current view of the Rose Garden showing, from front to back, Absolutely Fabulous, For Your Eyes Only, and Love Knot, flanked by tall pink foxgloves;

Garden view from eucalyptus to Compassion rose

and another from the eucalyptus to the Compassion rose on the arch spanning The Dead End Path,

Jackie tidying Dead End Path

which received the bulk of Jackie’s attention today. She pruned, weeded, raked, tidied, planted, and

Derrick admiring bench supports

propped up the rather unstable bench with bricks which I helped transport from elsewhere. It can now take my weight without wobbling.

Petunias and cosmos

Recent plantings well settled in include the begonias in the foreground of the picture of the Head Gardener at work; these petunias and cosmoses in a tub nearby;

Osteospermum and nepeta

and osteospermums and nepeta in the Oval Bed.

Jackie 1Jackie 2

Eventually Jackie was satisfied that her day’s work was fit to be photographed,

Jackie admiring Dead End Path

and she could sit back and admire it.

This evening we are off to Danni and Andy’s home in Shirley where Elizabeth will join us for a meal at the young folks’ local Indian restaurant. Since it is only my niece who has expressed sleepless distress at not knowing what I had for dinner, and she will be well acquainted with it, I assume that the rest of you won’t mind if I report on this tomorrow. With apologies to those who will be on their breakfast.


69 responses to “Satisfied”

  1. Your Rose Garden is impressive. All the hard work the two of you put into it must seem quite worth it when you’re able to sit back and enjoy.

  2. I hope your kind and subtle approach works on the wee beasty who dug the hole … it is so good to see such generosity of spirit. Oh, and I hope you enjoy dinner whatever it turns out to be. I’m sure you will!

  3. I can only imagine the sense of satisfaction and joy Jackie must experience when she takes that moment to lean back and bask in the beauty of her garden! That is just the best photograph really!

  4. Loved the hover fly. It’s good that they stop for you to take their photograph. And what wild animal dug under your fence. It was certainly not a wombat.

  5. I would gladly relate what I had for dinner last night in order to fill in the cavernous gap for your readership, but it was only left over stuff and rather uninteresting – like bits of the day-before’s mince.

  6. Absolutely fabulous. Good to see Jackie being featured as the star of the show. Is that a begonia with giant flowers at the foot of the arch?

  7. I can see why the beast wants to break in. Nice of you to leave it’s doorway. I wonder what it is! I really like that first picture of Jackie resting and the one of you on the bench. Perhaps at some point you’ll get a picture of the beast.

  8. I have always loved flowers (who doesn’t?) but have never been introduced to them personally before your I found your blog. The picture of Jackie admiring the fruits of her hard work is priceless. The brick legged bench reminds me of a tea shop I used to stop by on my way to school for a quick bite of samosas.

  9. You and Jackie have such a lovely place! I am glad you have bees. The prolonged cool, wet weather here this spring was hard on them. I am seeing fewer than usual for this time of year.

  10. Your garden is fabulous. I’ve visited it on many occasions, and can’t help wondering about the size of your garden plot. I’ve had many gardens, some bigger than others, and marvel at how many plants you fit into your gardenscape!

  11. Snapdragons are such fun. I love them. Conversely, I am sooo frustrated I can’t remember the name of your eucalyptus, as now with this photo and change of colour in the trunk I realise I have seen it hundreds of times here. The best I can offer, is that it is of the smooth-barked variety which sheds in summer in long strips. That narrows it to around 300 species! And totally healthy that it sheds it skin. Lovely photos of Jackie.

  12. Those gardens are magnificent, and “Dearest” is such a sweet name. I’ll be eagerly awaiting to learn what you had for dinner on your night out ๐Ÿ˜‰

  13. Your garden is so beautiful–as are your photos, Derrick. I love the last few photos of Jackie, sitting back and enjoying the garden. That last photo is lovely with the light streaming through, the lavender-colors and the rocks–and Jackie, of course. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Hope you enjoyed your meal!

  14. Since I’ve recently brought my flower beds back to life I’m drinking in all the lovely flowers you have in your gardens. What an inspiration! But the photos of Jackie and you on the bench are the best of the best.

  15. The lavender fuscia and purple flowers beneath were enchanting! I love the way it was captured.
    The bees and hoverflies attest to the attractive flowers and give me pleasure knowing they are continuing to keep on spreading the pollen.
    I enjoyed the photos of Jackie, her pleased and happy smile and your weary look, resting on the more secure bench.
    The feeling of satisfaction radiated from the page today. ๐Ÿ™‚

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