The Swinging Rat Pack


An overnight thunderstorm had freshened the garden and reduced the temperature to a degree that Jackie could continue weeding, hacking, and planting; and I was able to enjoy the game of wandering around seeking her piles of garden waste for me to gather up and transfer to the compost heap or the orange bags for the dump.

In between times, for the next instalment of ‘A Knight’s Tale, I amended some text and

Derrick and Chris 1947

included these two photographs from ‘Pink Petticoats’.

I then scanned another batch of colour negatives from 1990.

Lindum House 5.90 1

I converted to black and white this image of Lindum House made that May.

Lindum House and James Bird 5.90
Lindum House 5.90 2
Lindum House 5.90 3

These show the colours.

Matthew, Louisa, and Carolines's dog

Matthew created a testing improvised seesaw for the ever-game Louisa. The dog belonged to Jessica’s cousin Caroline.

James Bird and Louisa 5.90

James Bird, who here swings with Louisa, is the lad who found the coot.

Wolf and Luci 5.90

Perhaps more cosy in the hammock, Wolf and Luci were another pair of swingers;

Rats on swing 5.90

more precarious were the Rat Pack – popular little pets, of course.

Jessica and another 7.90 1

In July, at the Staunton temple opening, featured in the coot post highlighted above, Jessica shares some amusement with an attractive elderly guest.

This evening we dined on Jackie’s excellent lamb korai, sag ponir, and boiled rice. I finished the cabernet sauvignon. Jackie had consumed her Peroni on the patio beforehand.

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  1. I was teleported to ‘New Petticoats’ by the link you have offered. It was a pleasure meeting you and Chris as kids! The monochrome conversion adds a mystic aura to the building.

  2. Looking forwards to the release of your memoirs. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Has Jackie any plans to write her memoirs? I want to know what she’s thinking every time you photograph her working…

  3. Delightful! Great b&w pictures, and the swing, the hammock and the seesaw — reminded me instantly of my earlier days — but the rats on the swing take the prize!

  4. My son liked his rats, one lived for about five years, we let Argo run through the house (and I may have shared he would return to one corner of his open door cage to ear and another to use the “bathroom.”) Rats are so smart and clean.
    I liked all the fun loving family photos are lovely and the house with yard very pastoral. Happy weekend to you and Jackie. Loved your title. . . ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Lindum House was your home (or your parents’)?– I now think yours per the above comment! Stately home and such great people pics, as ever–you were so young once, Derrick, how lovely!… weren’t we all and good thing we still carry on, Good to see you doing more for your memoir.

    • Many thanks, Cynthia. That was, indeed, our home. Mum said it was exactly like my paternal grandparents home in Wimbledon, which explains why I felt it most familiar when we went to view it.

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