Strange Courtship


This morning we drove out to Eyeworth Pond and back.

Yesterday evening I described the heavy rain that pummelled the pavement. It continued throughout the night. This is what it did to

Brockenhurst’s landscaped lawns,

and to its ford.

Some vehicles travelled through the water with caution;

others ripped through them; still more turned around and chose another route.

Cyclists used the bridge. I did point out to a couple of these that last year, not only had a pair of them whizzed through the flood, but they had responded to my request to do it again. These two did not accept my challenge. Perhaps I wasn’t direct enough.

On Eyeworth Pond a pair of Canada geese floated around, and occasionally went fishing.

The Mallards were in full courting mode. Sometimes the ladies were encircled by the males, sometimes chased around. At times I wasn’t sure the females were not making the paddling.

One couple did appear to be engaged in a strange courtship involving rear displays and synchronised diving.

Spray formed on a clear pool now covering terrain that normally provided forage for ponies.

A somewhat quizzical blackbird investigated the seeds left on the gatepost to the woodland walk.

A blue tit eyed me from a holly bush,


as did a solitary robin.

This evening we dined on Jackie’s splendid sausage casserole served with slightly orange tinged creamy mashed potato and swede, bright orange carrots, off white cauliflower, pale green sautรฉed leeks, and deep red cabbage. Jackie drank sparkling water and I drank San Andres Chilean merlot.


51 responses to “Strange Courtship”

  1. You certainly had quite a bit of rain, but the ducks seem happy with it.
    Beautiful nature photos—I can’t decide which I like best, but I do like the geese and ducks with the ripples in the water.
    Your dinner sounds very colorful. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Aww, the blue tit and little, lonely robin were cute. I like that you tried to promote a marriage between water sports and biking, Derrick. ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. The Brockenhurst splash brings back memories of visiting friends there during one of our holidays. It wasn’t nearly as soggy then, though.
    Your camera attracted a lot of bird life!

  4. Lovely photography and interesting insights about what the rain did. When it rains in Dubai all the roads get fully clogged like that and it is funny to wade through the waters. It is only then that for once drivers actually slow down (perhaps even too much for my liking).

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