Half Term


Storm Doris had blown about the bag of twigs gathered up a couple of days ago, and dumped more on the beds and paths in the garden.

The Shady Path, with its Camellia shrubs didn’t look too bad, except for the chair blown over on the decking.

We picked up a few more bits of tree and went for a drive in the forest.

Beautifully situated among daffodils on the village green at Portmore is another Telephone Box book exchange.


I exchanged greetings with a friendly jogger running along the verge of the road between Beaulieu and Dibden Purlieu,

as I was walking back a short way into the forest, to the opposite side of the road, where numerous temporary pools reflected the trees they surrounded.

Friars Cliff Cafรฉ was full to bursting as children, taking advantage of half-term in Hampshire’s schools, had fun on the beach before taking refreshments. We enjoyed a brunch there.

This evening I made prints of Sam and Louisa in the skip from Ratty, the post of two days ago; and two little girls doing handstands and running on the sand. Louisa’s picture was by request. The others were for the mother of the other children who preferred not to have the pictures posted here.

Later we dined on pizza and salad with which I finished the merlot opened three days ago.


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  1. I’m glad you didn’t get much storm damage. With the warm weather we’re having, I noticed more spring flowers starting to poke through the soil–only crocuses blooming though.
    I love the moss-covered branches and the reflections in the pools.

    It seems like a pleasant day–garden, beach, and pizza and merlot! ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Good to hear you escaped Doris relatively unscathed. The garden did OK here too.. just a chunk of plaster lost from the sitting room ceiling. Hey ho, not started that room yet!
    Won’t be long before the Head Gardener is fully employed..

  3. Camellias! We have some blossoming, as well; what a relief to see them back. I love the red telephone box with books–we have “free books” post boxes in our neighborhood, as well, a good thing.
    Your garden is coming alive more–look forward to watching it change again.

  4. My! Your camellias are early, are they not? I love the rain pools in the woodland and the roots and branches and moss. Everyone is mentioning Doris, which must have been like a hurricane. I’m glad all is relatively well in the garden in the storm’s aftermath.

  5. I enjoyed the different nature photos, beach and woods. Your garden got “All Shook Up” as Elvis might say or sing for dramatic effect! ๐Ÿ™‚
    Derrick, those and pond reflections are amazing!

  6. Derrick, please tell me again where you are specifically located in England. I am just so surprised at the climate you experience there in winter. It is England, isn’t the it. I want to find it in a map. I do enjoy you daily travelogues.

  7. […] When shopping at Lidl this morning, Jackie had spotted that the supermarket was selling very reasonably priced wheelbarrows. She drove me back there to buy one. After this we travelled on to Friars Cliff for me to post, into one of the beach huts, the prints I had made of photographs taken of two little girls on the beach on 24th February. […]

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