From Dawn To Dusk


The pale pastel pink and blue skies that Dawn ushered in this morning  showed a certain amount of promise. But she was only kidding. Within half an hour or so, she slid a slate canopy over our heads, and steady rain set in.


We paid a visit to Gordleton Barn where we found a new idea for our fireplace. we will ask Baz to vet it tomorrow.

Obviously I made a few more photographs of the artefacts on display.

Lichen over Avon stream

A tributary of the River Avon runs under Silver Street, the home of the barn.

Mill Race

On one side of the winding road lies Gordleton Mill, the race of which speedily rushed along.

On the other, a couple of woolly sheep snuffled among the sodden leaves.

By late afternoon, the canopy had, albeit temporarily, been retracted, enabling a fine sunset,

Isle of Wight 2

tingeing houses on the Isle of Wight, to put in an appearance over Milton on Sea.

A small group enjoyed the shoreline,

Silhouetted couple at sunset

others preferred the clifftop.

It is not unusual for Jackie to spot a potential view and sit in the car willing me to turn and see it. This was the case with this boat on the horizon. She yelled at me from her Modus. Naturally, I grabbed the opportunity. Neither of us realised that the vessel was visible approaching the sunbeams in my earlier shots.

For our dinner this evening, Jackie supplemented a second sitting of yesterday’s Chinese takeaway with shredded duck, cucumber, spring onions, and pancakes, with which I drank more of the Chilean Shiraz first opened a couple of days ago.

54 responses to “From Dawn To Dusk”

  1. I love the idea of ‘from dawn to dusk’; thank you. The boat on the horizon is brilliant.

    Funny how I also posted about rain but from dusk till dawn ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. The new idea for the fire place is brilliant. I especially like the idea of having a wood panel at the back of it!!!

    “Snuffled among the sodden leaves” is a wonderful turn of phrase!

  3. My soundtrack for this is the hauntingly beautiful ‘Sunrise Sunset’ from ‘Fiddler on the Roof’ not that there are any jeunes maries involved but just those exquisite skies. And a shout out for the sheep which I just adore snuffling, puffling or doing nuffling ๐Ÿ‘

  4. A ship carries a boat, a boat doesn’t carry a ship, old Royal navy adage; I’m sure they cringe each time one of their fine ships is referred to as “A BOAT’ , especially from an Englishman, we are supposed to know better.
    Lovely pictures of the sunset. When I lived in WA the sunsets were always the best part of the day; here in Sydney dawn is. I wonder if it could be anything to do with the sun either going down or arising from the wine dark sea (as Homer was wont to call it)?

  5. Love the sheep but even more your eloquence especially when describing the canopy over your heads. Beautiful words that I wish I had written. You are a poet and an artist with a zest for life that is so embracing! Thank you every time, Derrick!

  6. I love this post. I am such a pushover for sunsets and sunrises. I love capturing them whenever the opportunity presents. Living in a often cloudless sky type of place our sunrises and sunsets are sporadic. When they occur I am often seeing up and down the street trying to find the best shot. Lovely.

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