Lymington Yacht Haven


When I walked around the Keyhaven – Lymington Nature Reserve recently I finished up at the boat yard I now know is the Lymington Yacht Haven. Today I chose to begin at the Haven and wander around it.

Pinckney Path and walkers

Jackie therefore drove me to Pinckney Path from which I had returned to Normandy Lane.

Pinckney Path sign

The woman walking towards me pointed to this sign giving the history of the route

Yachts through trees

through to the boats.

Boat props and walker

A walker, presumably having emerged from the bird sanctuary, passed me as I stooped to photograph supports of a boat.

Walkers and ferry boat

Other ramblers could be seen on the far side of the reserve, with the ferry boat making for the Isle of Wight beyond.

I suppose this was really a dry dock area, with boats being supported by wooden struts and other devices,

Container drums

such as these container drums.

A variety of hulls were prepared for work.

Reflection on car window

Reflections were seen on car windows

Reflections on hull

and on the hulls of the cleaner boats.

Man climbing from hull

There was little work being undertaken, but this gentleman climbed down from ‘Plymouth’.

Walking through the boat yard led to the marina where boats and their reflections shimmered in the late afternoon sunlight.

This evening we dined on further helpings of the roast duck and savoury rice, supplemented by spring rolls. I drank more of the cabernet sauvignon.


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  1. Every boat yard I have ever seen has boats up on supports and very seldom does any work seem to be done. Except on professional fishing boats.

  2. Excellent pictures, and such a good meander. I do enjoy your walks–walking is important to health and happiness! (As for yachts, I had a week-long trip on a private if smallish yacht once. That was a true highlight among my more ordinary travels.)

  3. Quite the relaxing adventure you just helped me take. The winter sun has been gone for several hours and I shall prepare to retire. A cab sauv would taste good now.

  4. Derrick, I enjoyed so much sunny light in the photos and blue skies! My favorite picture is the one (middle left) of the boats on the water. There is green machinery with the crane bucket in this shot. It forms a “V” with the reflections of the boats.
    I liked the car reflection, as well as the boat being able to capture a reflection, too.
    The food was described and shown yesterday and there is nothing better than the next day’s leftovers, with the flavorings soaked delectably into the duck and rice.

      • Jackie’s meals (or restaurant prepared) food on second day are the best tasting ever!
        I received a text from oldest daughter tonight. “Stop by for food tomorrow.”
        Thursday, I’ll be heading to my Carrie’s home (Mom of two boys, Sky and Micah) for leftover Italian spaghetti. She’ll throw in garlic toast and either a vegetable or dessert. Last week, three (!) lemon pastry bars. All “to go” knowing, I am tired after work. Mmm!

  5. What a glorious day. Only the clothes on the people in your pictures indicated how cold it must have been. Hard to imagine since we’ve had day time temperatures of high 30s C and the other night it was 29ΒΊC minimum in this mildest part of Sydney. Out west it was in the 40s.

    I love leftovers too πŸ™‚

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