Winter Quarters


Fibre optic broadband installation takes place in the exchange, and we cannot obtain a projected time for the work. It could be as late as midnight. James Peacock will therefore bring the router tomorrow morning. So the uploading struggles continue today.

Today’s fresh blooms in the rose garden are those of Crown Princess Margareta; and the honeysuckle on the entrance arch is under the reasonable impression that Spring has arrived.

Quay Hill

This afternoon we visited Dials on the bottom corner of Quay Street, Lymington, to buy a Christmas present;

then walked down to the quayside. A friendly young fisherman I have featured both in Lymington and in Mudeford, was steering his little boat into dock. I wonder if his


and this one are kinds of coracle.

My young friend explained that he spends the period from the winter months to Easter at Lymington, because this calmer harbour is much safer than the other, which is exposed to the open sea. Crab pots, ropes, and buoys are neatly piled on the quay.


There was no other activity on the water with its forest of masts,

except for that of mallards and gulls ignoring the signs forbidding diving and mooring.

 This evening we enjoyed a second helping of Hordle Chinese Take Away’s delicious food. Jackie drank Hoegaarden whilst I chose Doom Bar.

45 responses to “Winter Quarters”

  1. Couldn’t resist going to GoogleEarth, and having a tour of Quay Street, you whet the appetite for more.
    Unfortunately, Google couldn’t take me on a walk through, however, there are many, many photos, of Quay St, and I do believe it’s the only street in Lymington that is photographed.
    At the top the Kings Head Inn on one side, and the Oriana (shop of some sort) to remind me of the glory days of the old P & O liners.
    Very English, love it! XD

  2. Lymington’s one of my favorite places, best fish and cnips from the Lymington fish bar and sit on the wall overlooking the harbour to eat it, happy days

  3. This was a wonderful post chock full of new photographs and information, Derrick. The wharf and boats moored, the young man and also lingering buds in gardens are such a bouquet to deliver to us, with grace and dry wit. πŸ™‚ I am waiting for ride since my car wouldn’t start for work, Derrick. Wish I could just skip it but should save this time for a better day. Sub zero temps and my faithful car has never done this before. Probably the battery. . . Take care!

  4. Excellent sequence. We have had some computer and connection issues over the last couple of weeks, things have hopefully settled down. may the internet gods smile upon your connections. πŸ™‚

    Had to look up Doom Bar. πŸ˜€


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  6. I always love your water features and your images of boats. Saw that your technical problems were solved by a James from Peacock computers – now that is a funny name by the way for a IT specialist firm πŸ˜€

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