Flying Off Into The Sunset


This afternoon we drove to Lymington and to Molly’s Den in Old Milton for some successful Christmas shopping.


During my early motoring days many cars were still fitted with trafficators like this one (photo from Wikipedia). There was one on either side of the car. These would click up to indicate in which direction the driver was intending to turn. If it didn’t work you had to use hand signals and hope the driver behind understood what you were doing.

Veteran car

This car we followed along the road used one of these to indicate turning left.

When we emerged from the antiques emporium the late, lowering sun burnished bracken and ponies alike. The last of the creatures in this set of pictures yanked away at brambles and gorse as a variation on the customary diet of grass.

Later still the warm rays drew mist from the dampened terrain;

Sunset with plane

and finally, a passenger plane seemingly leaving Southampton airport, flew off into the sunset.

Back at home we dined on roast duck, boiled and mashed potatoes, carrots, cauliflower, and spinach, followed by steamed syrup pudding and Cornish ice cream. I finished the shiraz.

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  1. Lovely selection of pictures, I envy your talent;
    The first car I ever bought was in December 1953, and was a1940 Morris 10; it had those turn indicators as shown on the photo; however, at that time that type of trafficator was illegal in Victoria and we HAD to use hand signals only.
    The good old days when we were taught to drive properly, and courteously, not like the ratbags on our roads today. No road rage back in then.
    I’ve been licenced since, and have never lost, or had it suspended; I do have one speeding conviction, and fine on my record.
    Your photos always seem to bring back some old memory or other and I can’t resist boring you with some of the details.:D :bear:

  2. I love this as well as your whole blog – how you tell us things we didn’t know about the past – & at the same time there’s plenty of enjoyment of today, as well as tomorrow – thanks much ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Lovely photos. Its always peaceful to chance upon animals munching away at the countryside (or the city, depending on where one lives). You’ve beautifullu managed to catch the fading light.

  4. Your epicurean habits sound absolutely delicious. Now, I’m hungry again. What time do you eat dinner, or do you refer to it as supper. My wife and I eat early, 4-4:30. We walk later than I sneak something. I just remembered that I have a chocolate rum ball in the cabinet. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  5. I enjoyed this reminder of the past cars with signals. I used to have a straight arm for left and a right angle arm for right while bicycling.
    The best and most fantastic parts were the way nature lit up the horse and weeds, such a gorgeous, radiating light! Thank goodness you captured these to share with us. Then, the warmth and cool, dampness giving off a mist was quite ethereal, Derrick.

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