The Playground Bully


On another balmy morning I began a tour of the gardens at the front of the house, where

Fuchsia Delta's SarahFront garden 1Front garden 2

fuchsia Delta’s Sarah blends with the pink Japanese anemones framed by white ones and Michaelmas daisies;


and myrtle


and solanum continue flowering.


Outside the kitchen window, spritely spring poppies emerge alongside ripened sedum,


not far from sprawling autumn crocuses flanked by gauras and geraniums.

Fuchsia 1

This tiny white fuchsia adds variety to the Rose Garden,


and honeysuckle hangs on in there.

View across grass towards house

Pink is a frequently encountered colour.

Bee on dahlia 1

The still prolific dahlias Bishop of Llandaff are a richer red, still attracting the bees in their New Bed playground. This whacking great bee bulldozed a smaller boy from this flower with a thumping thud. (I am indebted to Barrie Haynes for correcting the sex of the bullied bee – it is a girl:

Bee on dahlia 2

He sloped off to another flower. Comparison of the bees against the similarly sized stamens will demonstrate what a big bully we have.

This evening we dined on beefburgers, mashed potato and swede, and cauliflower cheese. I drank Doom Bar.


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  1. Autumn doesn’t seem to hurting your garden at all, Derrick. All that work you and Jackie put into it is really paying off!
    Have a wonderful evening.

  2. Goodness! Me first in today? I’m not keen on fuchsia variants usually (most are bred too big, countering the delicacy of the original) but I like your mini white ones. Our (basic variety) have recently surged into full bloom.

  3. Such a color explosion- love your photos so much

    p.s. Derrick I have my blog in private for a time while I am working on it. I hope you will come over and clicky-click so I can add you. I’d like to add everyone but I think they don’t know I’m not there yet 🙂

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