Across One Bridge And Under Another


Being a little more alert and therefore capable of choosing which of the Olympic sports I watched, I confined myself to the rugby sevens.Otherwise I scanned more colour negatives from 1983.

Louisa 1983

I could not have imagined when I photographed Louisa taking her pushchair for a trip over this bridge in Morden Hall Park, that, almost 30 years later, I would be living in Morden with Jackie, and would engage with another little girl and her mother playing Pooh Sticks from the same refurbished structure.

Sticklebacks on 27th July this year featured the four children fishing in the lake at Richmond Park. In Morden Hall Park the River Wandle was suitably stocked for them to repeat the process.

Sam 1983

Here Sam inspects a suitable stick;

Sam and Becky 1983

Becky has a poke in the river;

Matthew and Sam 1983

and Matthew, closely watched by his younger brother, inspects a catch.

Matthew, Becky, Jessica, Sam and Louisa 1983

Goodness knows what, also involving Jessica, is being inspected here. It doesn’t look too savoury.

Battersea Power Station 1983

Were we on the River Thames when I made this image of Battersea Power Station? I’m not sure, but, by coincidence, this was the year the structure became empty and the controversies over its future use began. It is now an up-market housing development.


This is the logo of Wandsworth Borough Council.

Matthew 1983

Further along the Thames lies Putney Bridge under which Matthew walks with a treasured find. This image featured on 23rd May, 2015, but I took that from a print because I had not found the negative.


I trust Messrs Clarke and Knifton will agree that it was a thrush peering at us through the kitchen window as Jackie served up a splendid dinner of pork medallions, boiled potatoes, cauliflower and broccoli with tasty gravy. Neither we nor the thrush imbibed, although the bird did pop down to the Waterboy for a drink. While we ate, our spotted friend kept sliding down the curve of the obelisk upon which she stubbornly perched,

47 responses to “Across One Bridge And Under Another”

  1. Lovely photos.
    I too used to walk through Morden Hall Park, and Nonsuch Park many moons ago. (My grandparents lived in Morden ~ Ravensbury Avenue). I can remember the huge horse chestnut trees, winding paths, and many squirrels.
    A great place to walk off a large Sunday lunch.

  2. I watched the women’s rugby which I had never seen before (go NZ go!) and I watched of course, gymnastics, (incredible) and swimming (incredible) – much fun was had by all. I am glad to hear you are a little recovered – hope you’re taking Vit C and lots of delicious things xo

  3. Lovely memories, Derrick. I had to look up Pooh Sticks. It sounds like a delightful game to play with a child.
    The Battersea Power photo is quite dramatic, but I love that thrush, and I like to picture you and Jackie dining while you both watch the bird, and he or she watches you.

  4. I saw from the train today that the iconic power station is down to one chimney at the moment. Apparently as they rebuild, one stack has to remain at all times because of the listed building status and the impact on the London skyline.

  5. I remember that skyline featuring the BPS – it is iconic! I’m glad you are feeling better! I’m still working on getting that photo to enlarge – it might have to wait til the next post is made. Thanks for helping me out with that. xo

  6. These are the true treasures of memories Derrick.. wonderful photos.. and a reminder for me to try to do the same with a suitcase full of photos… A task for one winters day.. 🙂

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