Planting Continues


My contribution to garden maintenance today was to accompany Aaron to Mole Country Supplies to buy more fencing materials with which he and Robin virtually completed their job; to cut the grass; and to dead head some roses. Jackie did a lot of watering.

Rose Emma Hamilton

In the Rose Garden Emma Hamilton basked in the sunshine,

Hydrangea Lanarth White

and Hydrangea Lanarth White tolerated the shadow of the orange shed.

Bee on bidens

A bustling bee explored a bidens;

Butterfly Small White on petunia

a Small White butterfly sought refuge in the camouflage of a petunia;

Butterfly gatekeeper

and a rather tattered  Gatekeeper took a rest in the Weeping Birch Bed.

The Head Gardener had also purchased a few more plants, including

New Guinea impatiens, lobelia, geraniums in chimney pot

the New Guinea impatiens introduced to the chimney pot on the grass that it shares with lobelia and geraniums.

By request, for our dinner this evening, Jackie produced fried eggs, bacon, and mushrooms; chips and baked beans. Lovely. She drank Hoegaarden and I didn’t.

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  1. Is that my chimney pot Derrick? I see it has some stones piled around it now, is that for stability? I am very fond of my photo of it [or another] when newly planted and I can still see the crenelated top. Your photo hangs on my bedroom wall so I have a glimpse of your garden every morning and every evening 🙂 I hope you don’t feel stalked……

    • Stones are for protection, and decoration really, they stop the grass from getting too close, and therefore the mower does not hit the bottom of the pot. They are old and fragile after a hundred years of getting hot on a roof, as you can see in the photo there is already some damage. J

  2. New Guinea impatiens, are a replacement for very tired Cosmos daisy plants that never ‘took off’ and just looked nasty, they have been re-planted elsewhere to give them a chance to shine!

  3. I’m echoing everyone here in commenting on your lovely photos–but they are! (How do you get the insects to pose. 😉 )
    I love that chimney pot as a planter. The head gardener did a wonderful job of arranging the flowers, too.

  4. Derrick, I always enjoy your posts, the ending in particular. Today’s “she drank hoegaarden and I did not” brought such a smile to my face.

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