Taking The Plunge


Whilst I am very happy with my Canon SX700 HS camera, I am becoming increasingly aware of its limitations. In particular I do miss my SLR film cameras with good quality zoom lenses. It was such a device that enabled me to fill the frames of the colour slides featured yesterday without poking a lens up the children’s noses and thus spoiling the spontaneity. This would also have captured our garden birds without their constantly taking flight. Who knows, I may also be able to catch them on the wing.

This morning I took the plunge, sought advice from my friend Alex Schneideman, and, following it, researched suppliers on the internet, and ordered on line a second-hand Canon EOS D5 Mark 2 DSLR with a couple of lenses from Camera Jungle. All I have to do upon its receipt is pluck up courage to try it out.

We have both been feeling a bit off colour for a few days. Jackie was able today to return to her weeding and planting


and set the sprinkler operating.

I spent some time deadheading and weeding. It was a dull day, which made work a little easier.

Front garden trellis

Clematis 1

The front trellis now sports a couple of clematises, two pink roses, honeysuckle, solanum and nasturtiums;

Marguerits corner

while on the opposite corner of the entrance Marguerites blend with potentilla, hydrangea, and the rambling Félicité Perpétue rose. Nasturtiums and geraniums are also in the bed.

Lobelias, begonias, clematis

On the trellis covering the garage door, a clematis winds above lobelias and begonias in a hanging basket.

Clematis 3

Other clematises, such as these over The Head Gardener’s Walk

Clematis 2

and The Shady Path, now festoon the garden.

Margery's Bed

Star of India will soon wind around its obelisk in Margery’s Bed.

Dragon bed from kitchen bed urn

From the Kitchen Bed urn

Dragon Bed

there is a clear view of The Dragon Bed.

This evening we dined on pizza and salad. Jackie drank J.P.Muller Gewürztraminer 2014 and I drank Reserve des Tuguets Madiran 2012.

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  1. Ah well; the challenge will be to take even better photographs that you are already taking 🙂 I used an SLR for a short time and loved it but left it behind with another part of my life. Now I am learning to use the iPhone. 🙂

  2. Good luck with the camera! I was lucky enough (Nikon) when I changed to a digital camera, the old non-digital lenses fitted into the new digital camera – albeit that I have to set the settings manually.

  3. Oh, good luck with your new camera! Your pictures are already very beautiful. Can’t wait to see the photos when you master your new one.

  4. Wonderful news about the new camera and lenses. Will look forward to seeing the results as you’re able to zoom in close to subjects.
    Apart from birds, I think you’ll find yourself taking lots more flower close-ups as you’ll be able to zoom in on flowers which may be further back in gardens beds.

  5. My interest in photography kind of fell away when digital came to the fore. I still have my film SLR – even had it serviced in recent memory – and the several lenses I used with it. Unfortunately, the FD mount did not fit my new DSLR. Which was annoying, as they were both Canon. Can you believe I won the digital in a raffle, so I could easily have afforded to buy new lenses, but that never happened. Also, I was mourning that with the film, I could time the precise moment I would hit the shutter, whereas the digital seemed to have a slight delay, which meant I often missed the exact expression I had been “stalking” and waiting for. No doubt all of those doubts have been overcome by now, but in the meantime, I had moved on to other hobbies. I hope you enjoy reclaiming your distance from the subject. I’m trying to rhyme Derrick Knight with paparazzi – have to work on that a bit more 🙂

  6. How can a day be “dull” when you have a garden like that??? Congratulations on the new camera – I am thrilled for you! I got my Canon for Christmas a year and a half ago, and I swear – at least once a month, I tell my family how much I love, love, love it. It is the most amazing toy EVER!!! You will no doubt have lots of fun with yours. 🙂

    • I had a similar reaction when I went from my 1985 Nikon film camera to my Nikon D40 about 8 years ago – I really balked on giving up the film, but I have never looked back. I did have the same sad moments about missing my old macro and zoom lenses, which don’t fit my digital camera, but the joy of taking lots of pictures and looking at them any time I want and simply deleting the bad ones – well, that joy has never gone away. Best of luck, Derrick!

  7. I will interested to see how you like your new camera. I no longer have the patience (or neck) for lugging a DSL and lenses around. But I have thought about pulling ours out (George usually uses it) for shots close to home. Good luck!

  8. Whatever you are using now seems to be working admirably Derrick, your pictures and vibrant colours are excellent. I use a ten year old Canon 400D, think I might upgrade and was advised that Olympus have great models.

  9. Good luck with your new camera. All your pictures are absolutely stunning. I loved the picture with the basket with lobelias and begonias in particular. Have a beautiful evening, Derrick!

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