The Doggie Bird


Ali, Peter, Becky, and Ian stayed overnight. When we had all surfaced we drove to the Beachcomber cafe in Barton on Sea for a brunch.

Ali, Peter (Ian, Becky)

Ali and Peter look forever young.


Anyone familiar with my healthy café fry-ups may be surprised to see my smaller than usual plateful. Anyone who knows what I ate last night will not.

Poached eggs and toast

Jackie was satisfied with poached eggs and toast.

Soon afterwards our guests returned home, Ian driving his parents back to theirs. Last night Becky, as is often her wont, asked for a doggie bag to take home what she couldn’t eat. The very friendly waitress made one up.

Doggie bag bird

This was it. Our daughter left it at our place.

This afternoon, Helen visited with her grandson, Billy, who successfully fought against being woken up.

Until early evening this had been a cold, blustery, and wet day. Then I was able to take my camera into the rose garden and photograph

rose Mum in a Million

Mum in a Million,

rose Golden Showers

and, appropriately for today, Golden Showers, which has reached the top of the pergola.

Mr Pink provided fish and chips for our dinner this evening. We added pickled onions and gherkins; and onion rings from Becky’s doggie bird. Jackie drank Hoegaarden and I didn’t.

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  1. You take beautiful pictures. You must have a good camera and some experience using it.

    • Thank you Nicki. It is a Canon SX700 HS. A point and shoot, but a good one. I’ve only gone digital 4 years ago, having used film all my life – so it has taken a while to get used to, and there is much of it I don’t know how to use 🙂

  2. The gherkins made me home sick …. we can only get enormous ‘dill pickles’ here which are not the same at all, not even the same as a chipshop ‘wally’ but I crave cornichons on a daily basis. Not to mention proper chish and fips. Toodlepip!

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