One Day Of Life


I can spot a dandelion or a bramble when it grows big enough to be difficult to eradicate. The Head Gardener can spot any sort of weed as soon as it pokes through soil. She can distinguish that soon between a plant she will welcome and allow to live and another that must die. I am not safe in that department, so I don’t weed. Except for the few paltry dandelions and small cluster of brambles from one parent root that I removed today.

Jackie continued her phenomenal soil replenishment programme, sensibly choosing the Shady Bed for her main focus because it was pretty warm. It is worth repeating that this involves digging out poor soil, finger fishing thousands of tiny superfluous allium bulbs, adding spent potting compost, then

Planting in Shady Bed

planting, in this case begonias, mimuluses, and geraniums.

Aaron and Robin spent the morning working on the fence.

Rose Garden 1Rose Garden 2

In the Rose Garden the forget-me-nots in each picture have self-seeded around the base of Mum in a Million, planted in honour of my late mother-in-law, and just coming into bud. This seems rather thoughtful.

Poppies etc

These self-seeded orange poppies pop up all over the garden, only last a day, and are rapidly replaced.

Day Lily

The same applies to the similarly hued day lilies, so called for obvious reasons.


Fortunately these orange irises, along the Back Drive, having a delightful scent, bloom a little longer.

Clematis Niobe

The clematis Niobe enhancing the kitchen wall is now very vigorous;

Chilean Lantern tree

the Chilean Lantern tree is coming into flower;


and different alliums emerge daily.

View From Decking 2

On the right of this view from the Decking the Cordyline Australis, otherwise known as Cabbage Plant, is coming into bud. It will soon bear sweet-smelling cascading floral filigrees.

Bird's nest

Beneath this palm Jackie found another bird’s nest that has served its purpose.

Sadly, this evening, we came to the end of the last batch of Jackie’s chicken jalfrezi, served with egg fried rice, parathas, and onion bhajis. I look forward to the next one. Jackie drank Hoegaarden, and I drank Mendoza Parra Alta malbec 2014.

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  1. We just bought a new house. My son-in-law, a landscape architect, is coming up with yard designs. We want to use mostly native plants but I know there will still be upkeep. The idea is a bit intimidating! I’m sure our gardens won’t hold a candle to yours, but hopefully they won’t be eyesores. 🙂

  2. Your lovely garden astonishes me. Jackie is, indeed, a good gardener. And I love that metal owl, it looks like filligree in places. Where did the owl come from?

  3. The long shots reveal such a beautiful landscape – all Jackie’s hard work [and your assistance of course] is paying great dividends – I don’t think I’d go inside if my garden offered such wonders!

  4. I am smiling widely here Derrick, as it seems Jackie and I have similar jobs in the garden dept’, I too am the chief weeder and have spent 4 hours this morning on the allotment plot getting to grips with many of them.
    Your Garden is looking fabulous and my day lilies are still in very tight bud, you are much further in front with your plants, Although I do have two purple clematis out on the fence. 🙂 Have a lovely week And many thanks for your visit

    Sue 🙂

  5. I will always remember your gardens, even when it is winter and they “are put to bed,” Derrick. The photos are beautiful of the wide variety of flowers and plants while the clever details of how the sculptures and paths, trellises and even stumps, work together is incredible, Jackie. 🙂

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