Ducks In The Window


Road garden with 2 seasons

The statues bought yesterday were what we think are two of a series representing the seasons;

Summer figure

the girl is for summer,

Autumn figure

and the boy, autumn.

These are termed ‘vintage’ which probably means c1950. They have had time to gather signs of age.

Mid-morning today, we left Aaron painting the metal chairs in the rose garden, and Jackie drove us to Upper Dicker where we; and Becky and Ian; visited Mat, Tess, and Poppy and stayed the night.



By the roadside between Brockenhurst and Beaulieu, possibly because Barack Obama is visiting at the moment, a despondent Donald Trump attempted to drum up support. for his candidature. Signalling a dismal failure, his target audience showed him a clean set of hooves.

Poppy 1

Poppy 2

Poppy 3

Poppy is now able to join us at the table;

Tess and Poppy

and enjoys reading with Tess.

Washing line

Looking through the window at the washing he had just hung out in the garden, Matthew rekindled childhood memories, which he shared with Becky, of strings of ducks drying in the Soho restaurants.

This evening Tess produced a wonderful beef stew with roast potatoes and a quinoa salad, followed by chocolate and peanut icecream. My choice of beverage was an excellent Valdepenas red wine.

68 responses to “Ducks In The Window”

  1. The statues look really lovely. And of course the question of the other two seasons arises. Like Susanne, I didn’t get the Donald Trump reference….I guess he’s an easy target for media of the ilk of the BBC…..

    • Many thanks, Cynthia. The reference was all about hair. It was a toss-up between Mr Trump and our Boris Johnson. The Trump hairdo won because Johnson’s is all over the place, rather than being such a neat job.

      • Social media is full of posts taking a swipe at DT’s hair. There was one of a guinea-pig [not sure the equivalent term in the US: cavy, perhaps], Photoshopped so it was “carrying” on a pole over its shoulder all its possessions in the stereotypical tied-up handkerchief, with a caption like: “Donald Trump’s hairpiece goes in search of a better life”. Classic.

  2. What lovely statues. I was very interested in seeing your mulch around the pathway. I’m putting in a new garden and it seems to be the way to defeat the weeds.

  3. Aside from all the other great offerings in your post, the name of your destination (Upper Dicker) made me chuckle. Is the next village over Lower Barter, or Middle Haggle??

  4. Entertaining as always! Love the pic of the washing line- makes me want another baby. Hmmm let me reconsider that statement. Poppy is a cutie. I recognise her book is one of a series of endless combinations of ‘that’s not my (insert animal)’ 😊

  5. I have seen ducks hung out while not sure if such a good sanitary way to preserve delicious meat. (?) I like Matthew remembering his younger years in SoHo. 🙂
    Poppy would like spending time with Hendrix looking at books and sticking odds and ends into their mouths. She is older and wiser than H.
    We (my coworkers earlier at lunch) think DT is not as “cute” as the pretty soft, long haired pony. Maybe a donkey? 🙂

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