On The Road To Bridgetown


Ladybird in window box

I very rarely stage a photograph, so I probably wouldn’t have thought of Jackie’s ladybird shots this morning. She spotted a somewhat sleepy ladybird – not literally of course, because this one already wore its spots – on a rounded pebble in a colourless corner. Thinking it needed something red to set it off, she picked up the pebble perch and plonked it among primulas in the window box on the front wall. The obliging insect stayed put.

We then filled two more canvas bags with hedge clippings and took them to the dump. Our spoils included two large pots and three folding wooden chairs.

Through the medium of donations of plants, seeds, gardening book and tools, the forthcoming First Gallery exhibition intends to raise funds for Southampton public libraries. Jackie will be donating some of the many seedlings that crop up in our paths and elsewhere in the garden. One of these is the geranium palmatum, a splendidly shrub-like perennial.

Geranium palmatum

I made some small prints with which to enable buyers to know what they were purchasing.

Path - dead end

This image of The Dead End Path shows the scale of the plants.

This afternoon I scanned another dozen colour negatives taken on my walk along the road to Bridgetown, Barbados, in March 2004.

Bougainvillea 1

Bougainvillea 2Bougainvillea 3

Most gardens contained a brightly coloured, prolific, bougainvillea, which also adorned the roadside.

Taxi in road

Taxis were really people carriers who happily held the centre of the road as they careered along,

Woman boarding bus

occasionally stopping to pick up passengers at bus stops. Were they actually a variety of bus, I wondered?


An elegant egret, craning its neck in the undergrowth,

Plane BWIA

seemed oblivious of the BWIA passenger plane flying overhead.

Like the shady tree in the bus stop picture above

Flower unknown 1Flower unknown 2Flower unknown 3Flower unknown 4

I could not identify many other blooming flowers.

This evening we dined on succulent chicken Kiev, creamy mashed potato, green beans, and ratatouille; followed by chocolate sponge pudding and cream. Jackie drank Hoegaarden and I drank reserve des Tuguets madiran, 2012

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      • I kept seed and used to offer them to people who admired them, sometimes people passing by in London would knock on my door to enquire about certain plants I had, this got me into the habit of labelling my plants so folks could see what things were.

      • Wow just labelling all those plants would keep you busy, Jackie. I might do that with mine one day though I’ve probably forgotten what half of them are. 🙂

  1. What an obliging ladybird that was! I found one in my tiny garden this past summer and was ecstatic – it was the first one I had ever seen here! It gives me hope that the beneficials are staging a come back 🙂

      • Appreciate the info-thank you. I use either my old pocket Nikon Coolpix or my newer Sony Cybershot DSC-H300, not too bad but would like a better one. (I am a bit of a photography nut, too. Posted an essay on taking pictures is so wonderful–of course….) And I do love and miss film.

  2. You know what stopped me and made me smile? The window planter that says “Old post house”. I know the history but I also thought of parallels with blog posts.

  3. The word “ladybird” had me wondering for a moment, until I realized you were referring to what we in the US call a “ladybug.” Being a language nut I pursued the language question a bit and discovered that before the insect was called a ladybird in the UK, it was called a ladycow. It resembles a cow even less than I bird, I thought….but such are the wonders of etymology and entomology. Before I became too smug about thinking that our usage was the best because it is not a cow, and not a bird, but a bug….I learned that it’s not exactly a bug either, but a beetle! A cowbirdbeetlebug it is!

  4. It was okay to set your good luck ladybug among flowers on the Rock. I loved your travel photos. The one path with flowers on both sides cries out for a poem, Derrick. That trip was an amazing one to Bridgetown, Barbados! Gorgeous photos for a calendar or book. 🙂

  5. Ah, that sweet ladybird. I think your staging set her colors off perfectly!! 🙂

    And I love your Barbados shots… What vivid pinks in those flowers. My eyes were hungry for that color this morning, and I didn’t even know it. Thanks for sharing!! 🙂

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