The Flyer

Table under renovation

On another springlike, sunny, morning, beside a pot of primulas, Jackie began work on renovating her recent dump table purchase. This involved glue and screws.

Hoverfly on daffodil

Hoverflies are back in town. Can you spot this one? (Yellow attracts)

View across Heligan Path to Rose Garden

This is a view across the eastern end of the Heligan Path towards the Rose Garden.

Hellebores and another bulb

These hellebores are different from those in the above scene, and blend well with some little star-shaped bulbed plants, that we haven’t identified. (I am grateful for suggestions on this question. See the definitive comment from the biking gardener below)

Kiwi and pheasant

The kiwi communes with the pheasant by the eucalyptus shadows.

Later in the morning, Paul came over, bringing printing paper, final drafts of the exhibition flyer, support, encouragement, guidance, and assistance with the printing process. Jackie produced an excellent ham and vegetable soup for lunch.

After the break, Paul and I worked well into the afternoon, and he went home with the first sixty copies. I continued after he had left.

Our friend’s superb design has created a two-sided document that can be folded to provide an informative little brochure.

Exhibition flyer 1

The picture of Jackie picking daffodils finishes up on the front, with the map on the back.

Exhibition flyer 2

Further information on us and the other exhibitors appears within the folds.

I just do the printing. Margery and Paul do the origami.

This evening we relished dining on Jackie’s choice chilli con carne and mushroom rice, followed by Tesco’s yellow ticket chocolate eclairs. I drank El Sottino, a Spanish red wine Ian brought at Christmas, and Jackie drank sparkling water.

75 responses to “The Flyer”

  1. Ok derrick I want to come visit hahaha! your posts are so very inviting and lovely! I love hearing what you and Jacki ate and drank! So is this a community garden or yours? It is lovely and a very well put together brochure!

  2. A great flyer – I read it from woe to go. It made me want to visit both the exhibition and the garden! Was the spelling mistake intentional?

    (P.S. Just kidding about the spelling mistake!)

  3. Excellent flyer. Wishing you both lots of success – your hard work certainly deserves it…and we’ll all be watching and waiting for updated news as usual. Go Derrick, go Jackie! 🌷🌹🌷🌹🌷🌹🌼🌸🌻🌾🍁🌺🌼🌷

  4. This a generous donation of your time and effort, your also doing this to benefit the schools, such a worthy cause, Jackie and Derrick. I loved the sculptures of the pheasant and kiwi. Being named after a bird, I noticed this right away. I loved the way you showed us so much of the vastness of the gardens and also, including Downton Gardens will surely bring the Downton Abbey fans! 🙂
    Also, noticed seven years of Jackie’s gardening being awarded. Please pass on my congratulations for this well earned awards.
    Your luncheon soup meal sounded delicious, your evening chili con carne and dessert made my mouth water, Derrick. What a busy and wonderfully productive day you had. I like Jenny’s flowers but don’t have the capability to produce these on the simple library computer. So happy you are well again, both of you!

  5. I’m so glad you have a kiwi in your garden! It all looks so wonderfully exciting and I wish I could wander through with all your other visitors. I know it will go well, congratulations and splendid work all round!!

  6. When are you having a party for all your blog readers? We want Jackie’s cooking and a gallery of your photos! And the wine, too–don’t forget that.

  7. You’re married to Jackie, right? I’m just curious about her last name. Two of our neighbors have different last names even though they’re married. Lots of hyphenated names over here and then some old traditionalists like our parents who have the same last name…. Also, I like the 3rd picture the best. It almost looks abandoned and like the flowers have taken over. I really like that look. Good luck with all of your future events. Too bad we can’t come by 🙂

  8. I wish you every success in the Exhibition, you are to be commended on the amount of work and effort you have put into it. I look forward to reading the results in your posts, of the overall success of such a fine venture.
    Kind regards and Best wishes.

  9. Your Downton Garden is so beautiful, Derrick. And the flyers are looking good. I like that you put many informations on them. I would love to come to the exhibition. 🙂

  10. To me, all this would be an overwhelming project, but you and Jackie took it on one step at a time and just look at the accomplishment!! Good luck!

  11. Derrick, the garden is lovely – and yes I did spot the Hoverfly. I love gardens full of color – they bring happiness to my heart. Thank you for sharing. 🙂

  12. Oh, so exciting – this is JUST the sort of event that I would attend, were an airplane ride not required. My mom gave me some of those unidentified little spring flowers. They are blooming as I type. We call them Star of Bethlehem.

      • Initial googling showed SoB flowers to be white. Is the blue tint the camera’s rendering of white in shade, since the blooms in full sunlight look white (unless THAT’s over-exposure)? They are bulbs. I’ve heard the name applied to flowers over here, but not with a specimen in view.

  13. I won’t say much more about all your huge efforts – I hope it is a great success – except to say how glad I am that your chionodoxas (glory of the snow) are doing so well beside your hellebore.

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