An Extended Flowering Period

The date prompted me to begin the day by providing a link to a post from 2012:       –   well, would you? Any of it?

On another very mild morning, we continued preparations for winter. Although a considerable amount of cutting back is required, the garden is still full of colour, some from unlikely sources at this time of the year.

Snapdragons yellow

Snapdragons pink

We have snapdragons everywhere. These two examples are from the beds alongside the back drive.


Nasturtiums still festoon beds, baskets, and window boxes.

Clematis Polish Spirit

A number of clematises, like this nibbled Polish Spirit, are enjoying a resurgence.

Salvia Hot Lips

The salvia Hot Lips was The Guardian’s plant of the week on 10th May last year. Ours is bent on extending its flowering period;

Achillea Desert Eve redAchillea Desert Eve light yellow

as are these achilleas Desert Eve.


Chrysanthemums are to be expected.

Last Sunday, Aaron had discovered a wasps’ nest in one of the dead stumps along the back drive. Jackie had been delegated to buy some suitable insecticide for him to deal with it. She thought she would show it to me. This meant bashing it with a trowel. Soon the air was thick with vespas scooting everywhere. Remembering the bees, I did not hang around. Later, sitting at my p.c., I felt a tickle on my neck. I brushed it with my hand. A wasp flew from my hair to the windowsill. Refraining from photographing the creature, I squashed it.

This afternoon I mounted the Through To The Front series of photographs into the garden album, then watched the Rugby World Cup final between Australia and New Zealand.

In the early evening Jackie drove us to The First Gallery in Bitterne where I delivered my three prints for the Christmas exhibition. We went on to Elizabeth’s in West End, where Jacqueline joined us. The four of us dined at the revamped Eastern Nights at Thornhill. Under new management, the food is as good as before, and the service much more efficient. We all enjoyed the meals. My choice was Gosht Lal Mirchi with special fried rice. We shared a parata and onion bhajis. I drank Cobra. We separated outside the restaurant and Jackie drove me home.

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  1. So were you like me, finding it difficult to give up years of antipathy and trying to decide which team to support? A good game and I’m glad the NZ greats went out on a high.

  2. This morning, I spotted a bug on my bathroom floor. For a split second, I noticed it had some interesting colours… maybe a polished bronze… then I squashed it. Thanks for the laugh. 😀

  3. Ugh, I actually rescued a spider from the tub today before I filled it with water. Though Tara has gone off to college, I am still reluctant to kill a spider, in case my spider-loving offspring might find out about it. This one was likely famished and dehydrated, as it wobbled weakly away from me when I released it on the porch. Wasps, however, will be killed when possible, and even my Tara couldn’t protect them.

    Love all those flowers! Just imagine, you will have blossoms in November. What a treat.

  4. I don’t find it difficult to believe anything you wrote in the linked post Derrick – I’ve had so many unusual experiences during my life I am in no doubt there is more to life than the touchable, physical material world. The drawing of your dad is really lovely – he does look like he is about to speak!

  5. It’s so nice when nature extends summer for us–you certainly have that. All the flowers you show I have had experience with blooming again or late, except the yarrow, which has never blossomed late for me. Enjoy!

  6. Enjoyed you great display of Flowers Derrick, I recall a time I could wander around my garden for hours, and watch flowers blooming, and others like yours, that extend their blooming season just that little extra time.
    The simple pleasures of a garden, cannot be surpassed.

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