70 Years On

Jackie planting pansies

Jackie spent the morning planting the pansies and spring bulbs in place of the ficus.

Bamboo roots

The bamboo in the Oval Bed tends to send tentacles under the rock border and into the gravel path. At the first sign of a sucker piercing the shingle, excavation has to be carried out. This was my task.

This afternoon, Jackie drove us to Walkford for Daphne and Ray Salinger’s Platinum Anniversary party. Apart from one picture, I recorded the event in Black and White, which seemed appropriate.

Ray looking at album

Here, Ray examines the album Ron had made up largely from the prints I had produced.

Daphne and Ray 1

He then posed with his wife.

Daphne, Ray and Donna

Over lunch They both looked again at the historic photos, the album here held by Donna.


The best way of approaching the splendidly plentiful buffet was to heap your plate with those selections you could fit onto it, then return for seconds of the other dishes.Seated group1

Ben guitarist

The day was warm and sunny enough for many guests, entertained by Ben, a professional guitarist, to sit outside.

Group with Great great niece

The couple’s great niece, her husband, her father-in-law and a great great niece enjoyed the sunshine,

Great granddaughter

whilst Helen enjoyed great granddaughter Imogen.

Ron speech

Ron made a speech in honour of his parents,

Ray speech

and Ray gave a witty reply.

Daphne and Ray cutting cake

He and Daphne then cut the cake made by Shelly,

Daphne and Shelly slicing cake

who helped her mother-in-law slice it.

Group 4Group 1Group 2Group 3

Finally, all assembled for group photographs.

And the one colour picture?

Queen's greeting

Here it is.

This evening I watched the second half of the South Africa v. Japan World Cup rugby match, and the whole of France v. Italy. In deference to anyone yet to watch a recorded version, I will not give the results, but I will say that the last five minutes of the first of these games was as thrilling as any finish I have seen.

47 responses to “70 Years On”

  1. The pictures work perfectly in black and white. I have bamboo in my garden as well and am always snapping off shoots after the rain. Needless to say I never water my clump. 🙂

  2. Bamboo! I love bamboo and want some to grow to hide the ugly tin fence between me and my neighbour – do you think I can find any? And there you are, half a world away, pulling out the suckers!! DJ will be happy not to have to avert her eyes from your posts re the rugby 🙂 Though I think she has just arranged to start watching it live – or slightly delayed – or something. I’ll be knitting!

  3. Oh, running bamboo is such a beast to remove. It will certainly keep you fit each summer! The b&w photos are really nice, and it’s so quaint to see the queen’s message. I bet they were thrilled.

  4. Congratulations to Daphne and Ray, they certainly know how to put on a good bash and the food looked yum.
    I thought you were in Australia when you mentioned the bamboo, but that garden chair gave you away as English.
    The black and white photos are great and the color ones of the flowers are also wonderful.
    I will be back to read more, thanks for sharing.

  5. What a fine looking couple. They’ve surely seen a lot during their lifetime.

    I’m another who really liked the black and white photos. Wasn’t that a cracker shot of the guitarist and his shadow!

  6. Goodness gracious – 70 years! Wow! Fantastic and congrats to the couple! What stories they must have to tell – fascinating! B&W photos a perfect choice Derrick and perfectly taken, as always! You certainly know how to capture moments and feelings in pictures – a true artist! Thank you for sharing!…. Oh, and Derrick, food important to you? 🙂 – kidding! Always good to see it, I must say!

    • Thanks, Rob. Now, lets settle the food thing once and for all. 🙂 On an early post I put it in, and my niece, Danni, commented when I didn’t that she couldn’t sleep without knowing what I’d had for dinner. So I had to keep it up, and it has become like Pepys’s ‘And so to bed’. 🙂

      • Fantastic! 🙂 The beauty of it is, you have such darn nice food! Good folk, good flowers and good food, put together with style, all make for great posts!… And so to lunch! 🙂

  7. What an outstanding celebration for a couple who accomplished what so many can not!! Great to see the Queen acknowledges it too – fantastic!! It was very nice of you and Ron to put together that album – they and the family will treasure that!

  8. Wow, what a dear post about a happily married couple.
    Congratulations to Daphne and Ralph!!♡♡
    I liked the color photo but loved the black and white ones best. 🙂

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