Succulent Graffiti

On another rainy day, with me not yet fully recovered, and Ian coming down with the cold, we had to postpone Becky’s birthday meal out. I scanned another batch of Barbados colour slides from May 2004, and Jackie stocked up on tissues and medications.

Flowering cacti

Cacti were flowering profusely.

Unknown plant

I don’t know what this plant is (See Mostly Mondays’ comment below. It is calotropis),


but I do recognise hibiscus,


and bougainvillea which grows everywhere on the island.


Maybe these are breadfruit, (actually coconuts, see PS) but most of the Google images have dimpled skins.


A lone stork stands out from the long grass by the sea,

Homes on coastline

on the coast of which expensive holiday homes

Chattel houses

contrast with the traditional wooden chattel houses.


I was surprised to see a horse lurking in the hedgerow, but have since learned that racing is a popular pastime, dating from the colonial years.


This is possibly a grackle, or a Barbadian Black Bird.

Zenaida dove 5.04 02

The iridescent blue tinge on the neck of the Zenaida dove is intriguing.

Rusty drum

I expect there were plans for this rusting drum.

Succulent graffiti 1Succulent graffiti 2

Succulent graffiti 3

I have seen graffiti in many forms, but only on Barbados has it been carved into succulents.

This evening Jackie collected our meal from Hordle Chinese Take Away which was as good and as plentiful as usual. My drink was Kumala reserve shiraz 2012; Beccy’s, rose; Jackie’s, Hoegaarden; and Ian’s, Tiger beer.

PS. Following the comments of wolfberryknits and Mary Tang, I have corrected my text to show coconuts for breadfruit.

34 responses to “Succulent Graffiti”

  1. Bread fruit doesn’t grow on palms; it grows on a big beautiful tree. Looks more like coconut.

    I always wanted to carve Chinese poetry on my black bamboo; alas I do not possess the skill so it will look like graffiti if I do.

  2. Amazing…people will carve their names on just about anything 🙂 Let’s hope they don’t start putting those engraved padlocks on the poor succulents!

  3. There are so many photos to enjoy here, Derrick. That orange flower is so beautiful, and those chattel houses are intriguing! Thanks for the link, by the way.
    the graffiti is interesting, too

  4. Definitely coconuts. We get a lot of those over here in Bangalore. Also the plant with the purple and white flowers looks like Milkweed(Calotropis), it grows wild in abundance and is possibly poisonous, so best avoided.

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