Furnishing The Shed

Becky put this on my Facebook page early this morning:

11411850_10153170361428999_594653639751612138_oClever, isn’t she?

We began with a trip to the municipal dump, now upgraded to Efford Recycling Centre. Included in the rubbish we took there was a green plastic table we had bought from there in the first place. The Head Gardener, now she has a shed, has no further use for it. I got quite excited when I thought this might be the first time we would leave the tip without making a purchase. This was not to be, for Jackie spotted a hanging window box and just had to buy it.

Fergusson's van

Off we then drove to Highcliffe, and our old favourite, Fergusson’s, in search of a suitable chest of drawers to double as a work surface and storage for packets of seeds, tools, ties, plant labels, and almost anything else you can think of. Elsa and Boyce produced the very thing, that would probably have got the Bargain Hunt experts very excited. This addictive televised antiques programme involves two pairs of punters shopping in normal retail outlets in the hope of making a profit at auction. We have learned that G-plan, the iconic furniture of the ’50s and ’60s, is in at the moment. The Ercol piece that we found would definitely have been in the money. But we weren’t going to auction, and Dad, Dave Fergusson, accompanied by Elsa, delivered it for us and helped me place it in the shed.

This friendly family firm is to be recommended.

Dave Fergusson delivering chest of drawersErcol chest of drawersShed furnishings


Jackie had already begun to make herself at home.

Dave had first delivered furniture to us last May, when the garden was still a jungle. He and Elsa went on an amazed and delighted tour. He asked for a notification when we open to the public. Here is a selection from what he saw today:

Rose pink

From the bed by the wisteria, this small pink rose has a good view of the new acquisition.

View along kitchen window path

This is the view along the outside of the kitchen window. The rose above lies in the bed at the end.

Dragon's view

Obscured by the planting in the centre background, the dragon stands on a concrete plinth. This is his view through to the urn and beyond.

geraniums and maple

Near the start of the brick path, geraniums and Japanese maple form a pleasing swirl;

Geraniums and grasses

and a different variety of geranium hangs at one end of the Phantom Path.

Petunias on edge of brick path

A concrete building block lifts a pot of pink petunias taking us across another section of the Brick Path.

Pergola path view

We also walked along the Pergola Path. Like any of the others, this view changes daily.

Rose Kent

In the new rose garden, Kent is now in bloom.

Passion FlowerClematis Margaret Hunt

At the far south end of the garden, passion flowers cling to the support arches we erected last year, and clematis Margaret Hunt ascends those Jackie fixed in her new boxes at the start of the back drive.

This evening we dined at Lal Quilla, where we enjoyed the usual ambiance, service, food, and Kingfisher. I chose Purple Tiger and Jackie chose Navrattan Korma. We shared lemon rice and a naan, and both drank Kingfisher.

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  1. Sigh. Your garden. Sigh again. Beautiful. Sigh. Retreats to plastic lawn chair with a bottle of domestic (Molson Canadian). Sigh.

  2. Happy Birthday from me too! And I am beginning to detect a plot (a veiled garden plot). First it was the garden shed, and then… as expected… pink is imperceptibly beginning to dominate the surrounds.

  3. Happy Birthday Derrick! I like Becky’s photo upgrade too. 🙂 I’ve been waiting for the ‘Open to the Public’ announcement to be made – the garden is looking quite, quite spectacular!!

  4. Happiest of birthdays and many happy returns. Of course, given the time here, your celebrations are over. Love the shed. Very exciting to furnish it, especially from folks excited by your garden.

  5. Well, Happy Day of Eearth Birth to you. Looks like all is well and then some! The last two flowers are a delight-I do love them both. Sad…that I cannot mosey along the garden paths when opened to all. Viewing from across the Puddle, however, is good in all weather and states of mind. 🙂

  6. No doubt you celebrated with style 🙂 Can’t wait to see the floor plan for the shed:) You can’t have enough shelves or drawers. Good to see the sunshine and the colours but I love the Kent.

  7. Spectacular is the right description for the garden. Looking at the big view gave me a whole new idea of its scope. By now, your birthday is over, so I’ll wish you a fabulous coming year.

  8. Happy birthday, Derrick. Your garden is so very different to our acre of undulating, poorly-drained ex-meadow, where the holes dug by the dogs are big enough for the rear wheels of the ride-on mower to sink in and numerous enough to resemble a minefield in the middle of a war zone, and the molehills, while seeming to aim for the Guinness Book of Records, are still outnumbered by mouse-holes!
    More power to you, my friend.

  9. It is all coming together perfectly – the ideal English garden and working gardener’s shed. Recycling is the only way to go here, it even adds some nostalgia.

  10. Happiest of days to you, Derrick! And now I will try to find you on facebook.

    Your garden truly is remarkable. Not just in itself, but also in the speed of its transformation. Now, you must tell me about the dragon. I can’t spot it. Have you posted photos previously? Dragons are my totem, and I collect them when I can – even if only an image. 🙂

  11. Best wishes for your birthday Derrick! For a thirty five year old, I must say your hair has turned early, what? 🙂
    Do hope you had a great day!
    And yes! When do you open to the public? 🙂
    Colourful shed and all! 🙂

  12. Happy Birthday! I absolutely love that chest of drawers – such fun, bright colors.
    The flowers … gorgeous!

  13. Happy birthday Derrick – wishing you a beautiful year ahead. That lovely cabinet would be perfect for my studio, Jackie is very lucky!!

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