Our daughter Becky is convinced that I bear a resemblance to Worzel Gummidge. As I scanned yesterday’s photograph of four year old Louisa I wondered what the wit would have to say about it. This was her Facebook observation: ‘How clever of you to include a portrait of yourself in the photo of Louisa!’

Horse and oak

Managing a slightly brisker pace than my slow trudging of late, I walked up Hordle Lane and back, to the paddock, where a weak sun dappled horse and oak alike.

Honeysuckle and lichen

Honeysuckle blended beautifully with lichen in the hedgerows,

Dog roses

where pink dog roses bloomed,

Hoverfly on cow parsleyBee on ow parsley

and hoverflies on cow parsley masqueraded as the bees filling their thighs with the tinge of buttercups.

Barley field and lorry

Through a gap in a hedge, on the far side of the barley field, a lorry, its rear resembling the buttercup, the honeysuckle, the lichen, and the bee’s thighs; its sides reflecting the blue of the sky, sped along Christchurch Road. White petals in the hedgerow carried the colour of the cotton clouds.

This afternoon, using the brick pile as a saw horse, I filled a wheelbarrow with logs cut from the last heavy branches of the sycamore tree. Then, with a break provided by a welcome visit from Shelly, I continued in the role of under-gardener. This involved the usual collecting up of the head gardener’s pruning and weeding; digging out some invasive geranium palmatums for her to transplant onto the northern verge of the back drive; and excavating two homes in the rose garden, one for Rosa Gallica, and another for Deep Secret. Rosa Gallica, Deep Secret and pansies.Rosa had shared her nursery pot with some yellow pansies. It seemed a bit churlish to make them part company, so we didn’t.

This evening Jackie’s superb egg fried rice and green beans accompanied Mr. Lidl’s plentiful spicy pork rib rack on our dinner plates. Victoria sponge was to follow. Jackie drank Hoegaarden, and I quaffed Torre de Ferro Dao 2013.

27 responses to “Blending”

  1. I never imagined a lorry could be treated so poetically! A heavy frost here this morning. And no cheerful flowers and bees – except yours of course via the net.

  2. Beautiful narration of a day outside Those roses remind me of my dad’s rose garden. He had a small garden full of different varieties. He used to spend so much time there looking after them. Summer and roses. Thank you for sharing this with us. Adrián

  3. It sounds like you had a wonderful day, Derrick! 🙂 I wish I could garden here. I’ve tried it, but the dirt needs more conditioning than I have the money to put into it, and it is way too hot AND we are in a drought! That’s strikes against me. But I love seeing people like you who get to enjoy it! Thanks for sharing.

  4. Great post and very poetic regarding the lorry – nicely done!
    I am so pleased the rose garden is starting – looking good already! 🙂 Thanks for sharing Derrick!

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