Becky Cracks The Conundrum

I have received observations about yesterday’s post ‘Revealing The Ancestors’ from Becky, Helen, and Jackie. These have been added to the story of the photograph. Becky, in particular engaged in some exciting and informative research, which Jackie eagerly followed up.

This information is all so staggering that, although it emerged today, it belongs to yesterday, which is where you will find it, by clicking on the above post.

Today, I can refer you to Adrian Barlow’s blog post of 21st January 2012:

Jackie’s cousin on the Dove side, Adrian shares with her their Great Great Grandmother Martha Edith Dove, nee Shotbolt. His post, suitably illustrated, tells the story of this amazing woman. We think it is Adrian himself, and his mother, Jackie’s Auntie Doreen, seated on the church wall opposite the schoolhouse. Another of his illustrations establishes that Great Great Grandfather Albert Edward Dove is the second man with a cigarette, seated between his two daughters.

Given the profession of these great great grandparents, it is fascinating that they now hang on our wall beside my paternal grandparents and Great Aunt Evelyn in their own Norwood School for the Sons of Gentlemen.

We had great fun unravelling all this this morning.

Sunset is coming later each day. This one at the front of the house was soon after 5.30.

SunsetAlbert Edward Dove’s great great granddaughter served up a beautifully matured liver casserole with fresh, crisp, carrots, cauliflower and new potatoes for our dinner this evening. I drank more of the Lussac Saint-Emilion, and Jackie didn’t.

As I set about posting this missive I found a comment from Adrian Barlow at the foot of yesterday’s post. It provides even more fascinating detail.

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  1. Derrick the discoveries after you posted the old photograph are thrilling! Fabulous detail and the identification of so many people. I loved being able to recognize the church windows in both photos. I also noticed that Vera had a profession, but no occupation was noted for Irene, and wonder if that made Rev. Green’s proposal more attractive to Irene.

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