The Garden Wakes

Front garden

This morning I continued work on clearing the front garden. This involved digging up more brambles and beginning to reveal the rest of the gravel path. Hellebores and snowdrops have also come into view.

During the trips up and down to the back drive compost and combustible collections, I enjoyed noticing additions to our spring floral display. We have the ubiquitous hellebores, the drifts of snowdrops, the clusters of cyclamen, and camellias in abundance. Insect on crocuses


Pollen is already being collected from crocuses, and the initially pink flowers of the hairy-stemmed pulmonaria have turned their rose-tinted deep blue.Head gardener's pathHellebores

The stone head gardener’s path, which did not exist last year, enjoyed the intermittent sunshine, and even some of the hellebores have lifted their faces towards its warm rays.Mop bucket

This afternoon we took a heap of scrap metal from the garden to the Efford Recycling Centre. Some time ago our plastic mop bucket shattered into splintered shards. In keeping with the family tradition of never returning from the municipal dump with an empty boot , therefore, Jackie bought a galvanised replacement for £2.

In deciding to obtain this evening’s fish and chips from the old fashioned Mr. Pink’s shop in Milford on Sea, Jackie discovered quite the best outlet in the area. The crisp, non greasy, batter covering the fresh haddock, and the glorious golden chips were as flavoursome as they were attractive to the eye. The portions were generous, and the meals were cooked before my lady’s very eyes. We provided our own obligatory mushy peas and pickled onions, and both drank Isla Negra sauvignon blanc 2014.

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  1. Spring bursting out all over the place there!

    You took me back in time to “dump runs” when I was a kid. (Wow, writing that out conjures up an impression of something entirely different and less pleasant than what I meant.) In a few of the very rural places that I lived, we had no curb service and had to haul our own trash to the dump like everyone else. A dump run was often a whole afternoon of fun when parents and kids would pile into the old pickup and go to the dump. After unloading the truck of the stuff we didn’t want, we would wander the landfill, seeking treasure. We never returned home empty-handed.

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