Not Fit For Purpose

Lonicera by patioYesterday, Jackie tackled a section of lonicera forcing its way through a piece of matting fencing erected by our predecessor. Because this invasive shrub was sandwiched between our side and a garage it had nowhere to go save through our flimsy fence. It was also very difficult to access. She did rather well, I thought. The matting suffered a bit.

Support for golden archesDay liliesThis morning the head gardener acted upon her conviction that my golden arches were not fit for purpose, and provided them with strengthening support. Dancing either side of the new structure, yet another variety of day lily, of a rich, red hue, has emerged into the light.

Jackie had cleared the entrance to the kitchen garden. Kitchen gardenKitchen garden 2There remained, however, a daunting amount of unwanted undergrowth choking and concealing what there is of interest in there. Clearance of this was the task I embarked upon today. I set about the brambles, and the brambles set about my new gardening gloves. We have decided to turn it into a rose garden, which, coincidentally, is what I eventually did with one of the vegetable patches in Newark.

There are some very attractive and established low box hedges which we will retain, along with several gooseberry bushes, at least two apple trees, and various herbs. Who knows what else might come to light.

This afternoon we were visited by Vicki and Barrie Haynes, friends of my sister Jacqueline and blogging friends of mine. We have got to know each other through WordPress, but had not met until today. The afternoon was so successful that we extended the meeting until the evening and all dined at The Jarna. Our friends enjoyed the establishment, the food, and the service as much as we do.

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