Fag Ends

Front garden cuttings heapBenjamin Renouf and Tony of Abre Electrical arrived on time this morning to fit a new fusebox, run a power cable to the kitchen from the upstairs circuit, and generally check over our supply. They were quiet, efficient, and wasted no time, although they were here all day. I would certainly use them again.

I spent the morning further clearing the front garden. This involved the usual uprooting and pulling out bramble and ivy, and heavy pruning of overgrown shrubs. By noon I had a large pile to be added to the vast, constantly growing heap at the far end of the garden.Derrick with cuttings heap 2

Before lunch I trudged down to the postbox and back. A trudge was all I could manage.


Great tit and robin on feederAfter lunch I took a break and watched the birds. The avian activity was fascinating. Some were prepared to share the feeding station with others. The robin and the great tit seemed unfazed by the other’s presence. Starling and young blackbirdA young blackbird, however, was most disgruntled at the invasion of its territory by a starling.Young blackbird on feeder After it had seen off the rival, it turned around and began to scoff.Blue titBlue tit on feederBlue tit on feeder 2

It was fascinating to follow a blue tit’s progression from the netting to the seeds.

Female blackbird on feederThe crow has desisted from trying to clamber onto the feeder. Other birds, like this female blackbird, a little larger that those others depicted, flap around somewhat, as they have trouble landing.

The strong sunlight revealed the inner nature of honesty:Honesty

and lit attractive patterns on the geranium palmatum, such that it was tempting to play around with the image:Geranium palmatum

or perhaps not:Geranium palmatum 2


One can’t really improve on nature.

Throughout the day, Jackie continued with her creative planting, weeding and watering. This involved the removal of some heavy stones with her Time Team trowel.

While we sat on the patio before dinner, Jackie mentioned how some visitors had ground their cigarette ends into her grass and patio paving whilst sitting in her garden. This took me back to one summer in the late 1980s in Newark, and to Lincolnshire N.S.P.C.C. I was facilitating some team-building days for this staff team in Lindum House. Before the ban on smoking in the workplace, I ensured that there was a plentiful supply of ash trays in the rooms being used. No-one smoked. Yet after each break period the trays were filled with dog ends. When I asked why this was, I was informed that the smokers had all enjoyed their cigarettes in the garden, but had brought the stumps inside so as not to spoil the garden.

After this chat, Jackie collected fish and chips from Ashleigh’s, and we ate them at home. I finished the Bordeaux with mine.

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