‘Didn’t You Know Grandpa Was Jesus?’

Until now, I have spared my readers photographs of the more rancid receptacles in our fun-filled adventure.plugholesMuck from kitchen sink Everything, in fact, but the kitchen sink. Having scoured the sink itself on numerous occasions, but being slightly perturbed by the unpleasant aromas emanating from the plug holes, Jackie decided to dismantle them and investigate. She was to regret it, but made a good job of speeding the water’s descent to the septic tank in the garden.

The tray at the bottom of the good quality shower in our en suite bathroom fills to paddling level during a shower. The water takes some considerable time to soak away and leaves a slippery scum. I hesitate to think what might be impeding its passage.

Given that it is Easter Sunday, and that we had Becky and Flo with us, number 50, the next picture in the ‘through the ages’ series, is serendipitous. Derrick & Becky 7.74The photograph of my daughter and me was taken by Jessica in no. 2 Horse & Dolphin Yard in July 1974. I have mentioned before that I have given each of my children stacks of albums of their childhood photographs. A print of this one is in Becky’s collection.

Some time during Jackie and my years apart, Becky was showing her motherΒ the albums. On reaching this picture Jackie expressed a certain surprise at my appearance. ‘Didn’t you know Grandpa was Jesus?’ piped up our granddaughter.

I make no claim to deity, and have no wish to be sacrilegious, but think the story worth telling.

Raindrops on epimedium leavesRendering yesterday’s watering of plants in pots unnecessary, we experienced steady rain all day today. These epimedium leaves are probably feeling refreshed by it.

Becky and Ian came for the evening, to stay over, and to take Flo home tomorrow. Cooking a full roast dinner for the first time in her new, confusing, kitchen this evening, Jackie produced as tender lamb and as crisp vegetables, including roast potatoes and parsnips, as ever. We all five enjoyed it. Jackie and Ian drank Hoegaarden whilst I imbibed Campo de Borja Caliente Rojo 2012.

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