Grandchild Duties

Becky and Flo arrived early this morning for Flo to have a ride on Poppy whilst Berry and I walked alongside.

First Flo had to perform grandchild duties. That is she had to help Grandpa get his head round his new HP computer. Specifically, how could he access his list of contacts and send the same change of address information to a number of friends and relatives.

Flo and Becky shared the diagnostic opinion that I was now on Windows 8 which was displayed very differently than my previous Windows Vista. Flo then took over the machine, made various adjustments, and created a presentation with which I was familiar, thus enabling me to access my e-mail addresses. Apparently I now have a different browser installed. This is Google Chrome, and, in case I forget, Flo has renamed Chrome as Internet. It was Becky who worked out how to send the multiple copies.

Becky then drove us up to Skymers where Berry now keeps her ponies.Becky, Flo & Poppy Poppy patiently allowed Berry and Flo to tack her up, whilst Becky made her acquaintance.

As Berry said, Flo and the pony have good trust in each other. The gentle steed obeyed all Flo’s silent instructions. Apparently had she felt insecure with her rider, she would have made that very clear.Flo, Berry & Poppy

Flo on PoppyFlo, Berry, Poppy & another ponyIt wasn’t long before the equestrian was free to go on ahead, occasionally stopping for the Flo on Poppy 2pedestrians. We traversed tracks through the sun-dappled woodlands to the west of Forest Road.

It was always interesting when we passed other forest ponies in the wild.

After lunch I watched the last ten minutes of England’s rugby victory over Italy. This was followed by the sad debacle of Wales thrashing a depleted Scotland side. Becky and Flo departed at half time, and I watched the second half. After I post this I will settle down to the last game of this year’s Six Nations tournament. This is between France and Ireland. The outcome will decide whether the championship is won by Ireland or England.

As soon as the match is over Jackie will drive us over to collect Bill and take him to an Irish quiz night at Ringwood. I will report on that tomorrow.

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