Cheers, Don

Reading a little more of ‘La Femme au Petit Renaud’ this morning I was reminded of a thread in ‘Her Fearful Symmetry’ that I forgot to mention.  I will explain the connection when I have finished Violette Leduc’s novel.

Martin, one of Audrey Niffenegger’s characters, is a crossword setter suffering from extreme Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.  I trust that if Alison had thought this would appeal to the crossword setter in me, the similarity ended with his profession.

By midday my head had cleared enough from what must have been a migraine yesterday, to cook a meal for Bill.  We had sausage casserole, bread and cheese and chocalate eclairs.  Bill brought a good bottle of Cote du Rhone, after which we shared  a marvellous Lebanese red that Don had brought over last year.  Cheers, Don.

Back wall Sigoules 8.12

We were able to spend the whole afternoon in the garden, getting to know each other much better.  Of the many things we found we had in common one was living in London.  Bill had lived in the Paddington and Maida Vale areas during the years I had spent working there.  He had also worked in Morden shortly before Jackie and I went to live there.  During his working life he was a carpenter, which is a profession shared by Michael and Matthew.  We also both enjoy cricket and rugby.  The day was most pleasant, sitting in the sunshine which actually dried my washing.  We will see more of each other.  Spring must have arrived.

As I took up my perch opposite Le Code Bar, which is of course closed from midday on Sunday, to post my blog, Frederick emerged from the bar and invited me inside, to watch a rugby match between Toulon and Leicester with him and Laurence.

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