Self-seeded Poppies

Although it brightened up a bit later, this morning was dull, heavy and overcast; almost as if it hadn’t slept well.  I took a turn round Morden Hall Park then decided to go in search of a tortoise around the Hillcross Avenue area. (see yesterday’s post), and reward myself with a Martin Cafe fry-up.  I didn’t find Brendan, but the breakfast was as good as ever.

California poppies, Morden 6.12

On the way to the park I saw a man pick up a fallen branch from the street and stick it in the shrubbery in the garden of a woman who, although working on her beds, had not seen this happening.  I extracted the branch and, as she was looking at me rather strangely, thought I’d better explain what was going on.  We then got talking about gardening.  She was an elderly woman suffering from asthma and was unable to get out into her small plot as much as she’d like.  Her children kept trying to persuade her to get a gardener, but she was determined to do it herself.  She was interested to learn about our activities in The Firs.  Pointing out her California poppies, of which she was clearly proud, she said they were all self-seeded.  When I asked her if I could photograph them she looked at me with an even more puzzled expression but had no objection. Poppies 6.12 The Icelandic poppies in the picture above were growing on a path between two houses in Hillcross Avenue.

The park itself was quite quiet this morning, although the meadows were peppered with junior schoolchildren on a field trip.

This afternoon was spent writing clues for The Independent Crossword.

A liver casserole Jackie made earlier (some months earlier) provided our evening sustenance.  Hardy’s of Australia produced the 2011 Shiraz/Cabernet to accompany mine, whilst Jackie drank her customary Hoegaarden Blanche.

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